Throwback Thursday

I’m feelin’ pretty reflective these days. Reminiscin’ the good ol’ college XC racing days. I ran for an amazing D3 Liberal Arts College in Ohio and I loved every aspect of it. (edited to note: amazing, as in the school was amazing/awesome/perfect for me. I’m not trying to brag about how amazing our team was….

Woo Alumni in CO

This week has been great. 4 solid workouts. Big plans for the weekend. But the best part of all, is that I got to spend quality time with 8 Wooster (college days) friends! Two dear friends from Wooster stopped through Boulder on their road trip/way to Cali this week. And they spent two days with…

College XC Racing Days

This morning, I went out for a lovely 6 mile run. I ran on the Univ of CO XC course, since it’s only a half mile from our apartment. I run there a lot. And I think about how fun it must be for those athletes, to still be in their collegiate XC racing days….

3 years ago today,

I graduated from my Alma Mater, The College of Wooster. My 4 years at college were wordlessly incredible; filled with fantastic friends, memorable cross country and track races, academic growth, good times and hard times; I loved every minute (even the ones right before exams) of my college experience. So to all the 2011 graduates,┬áCongratulations!…