Gunning After a Sub-21 5K

It’s come to my attention that my 30th birthday is in 2 days. I’M TURNING THIRTY. Personally, I am super stoked about turning 30. So many good things to look forward to, but that’s for another post.

I was checking out my 30 Before 30 life list today, and discovered I had one pretty gnarly task to tackle:

#11 Run a Sub-21 5K.

Not being one to shy away from a good, hard challenge, I texted Weez at 11AM:

True to his word, we met at home, changed, and Weez drug me straight to the track after work.

This is probably about the time I should slip in here that we’ve done absolutely 0 speed work in the past, say, 12 months. So I’m kind of an idiot and mostly this was a ridiculous last ditch effort to baseline where I’m leaving my 20’s and heading into my 30’s.

Let me bring you along: we arrive to the track, it’s 75 and cloudy, light wind. We do our warm up and stretches, then it’s go time. As my college coach would say, “Up… Set… Gotcha!”

We hit the first 400m in 96.
First mile in 6:41

It’s getting hot at this point, so off goes to t-shirt (which always makes me feel slightly more BA, but equally as self conscious) despite the entire HS football team practicing on the infield.

Second mile feels like near death but we’re finding our groove: 13:24

Two laps to go and I realize we’ve got exactly 96 seconds to cross that finish line. I put my chin up and just hunker down. Accept the pain. Acknowledge I did this to myself. Push past the nausea. Relish my last lap as a 29 year old trying to beat her own personal goal for the year.

We sprinted across the finish line and my watch read 21:02.

I’m a little pissed but let’s be honest, mostly psyched that I ran a 21:02 on a random Tuesday night.

For the record, I totally beat Weez by a millisecond ;)

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  1. Brian Wiesenauer says:

    It’s a lie. No one beats me!!!

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