Preparation for Running the Tour du Mont Blanc

This weekend, we’re heading to Obidos, Portugal for one of my best friend‘s wedding (!!!), then hopping over to France to run the Tour Du Mont Blanc, TMB (105 mile circuit).

Last week when Addie’s health began to decline, I wanted to cancel our TMB to get back to her sooner. I am trying to find the positive in my pup’s passing, and I guess it’s that TMB will serve as means to cope and push through the grief. She’ll be with me the whole time.
tmb-mapSo here we are, about to embark on a major adventure and I wanted to share a little about HOW we’re doing it (in the hopes that it may inspire you to chase after it one day).

First, the stats:

  • 105 mile trail through France, Italy, and Switzerland
  • 30,000ft of net elevation gain
  • Elevations between 3,000-8,000ft
  • Folks can hike the loop in 10 days
  • We’re planning to run it in 5

The breakdown (riking = run+hiking):
TMB 2016 Preparation.png
2016 TMB StatsThere are going to be some long days and a ton of good climbing, but I’m hoping with enough Italian coffee we can power through. Either that, or someone please send helisupport.

Thanks to the amazing hut system along the trail, we’re packing ultralight and don’t need to bring our tent, sleeping bags, or much food. There are huts every 10k to pop into and refill our camelbacks and eat.

We’ll have about 10-12lbs of gear on our backs to get us through the week. My packing list (20L backpack) includes:

  • 2 t-shirts, 2 long sleeves
  • 2 shorts, 1 leggings
  • 2 sets of sports bras/underwear, 3 socks
  • Rain jacket, rain pants
  • Sleeping bag liner, travel towel
  • Hat, gloves, headlamp+spare batteries, GoPro
  • YakTrax, running gaters
  • Toiletries, medkit
  • Light snacks

And that’s all, folks. Wish us luck? See you on the flip side!

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