Chase What Matters Most

The last item on my 30 Before 30s this year is to:
30. Chase after what matters most

That can mean a whole lot to many people. Chasing after goals, facing fears, reprioritizing overly busy schedules, cleaning up bad habits, focusing on yourself or family.

For me, it’s meant all of the above. We’ve had a couple rough months (mourning the loss of loved ones; which I guess never really stops), so Weez and I spent the majority of Jan-May focusing inward, taking time to just be together and simplify the travel/social plans. There was no chasing to be had.

But here we are in June – JUNE! – and it’s time. Time to get back to chasin’.

For starters, today is Weez’s 33rd Birthday. If he’s not chasing a birthday shot with dinner tonight, we’re doing something wrong. Happy bday, Weez!

Next up in late June, is my bff Priya‘s wedding in Portugal. I could not love her fiance (Arpan) more and I am outrageously excited for their tropical beach 3 day wedding. I mean, with views like this, you know it’s gonna be great:
Obidos Portugal
(Priya just sent me this photo today. She’ll be saying “I Do” here in 3 weeks!)

From Portugal, Weez and I are hopping over to Switzerland to begin a fast pack around the Tour Du Mont Blanc (France-Switzerland-Italy):
Tour Du Mont Blanc
(Source) (Source)

105 miles. If we’re lucky (i.e., don’t get injured or fall off the side of the Alps) we’re gonna chase after it in 5 short (long?) days, averaging 22 miles a day for 5 days. 

How are we planning to do this? Glad you asked.

Fast Packing is a way of carrying minimal weight/gear, and run-hiking a long distance (more than 1 days worth) through the mountains/forest/etc. Fortunately, the TMB circuit is populated with Mountain Huts – think mini rustic lodges – along the trail so we don’t have to carry tent/sleeping bags/stove. We’ll be running by day and sharing accommodations with equally sweaty mountain go’ers by night.

In order to get in shape for this adventure, we’ve been running a bunch of back-to-backs and up’ing our midweek mileage. Typically it looks like this:
– Monday-Friday: 5-7 miles/day
– Saturday: 10-15 trail miles
– Sunday: 10-15 trail miles

We might not make the whole thing, but maybe we will. We’re chasing after it like we can. Man, it’s gonna be fun either way.

All this running has certainly helped the running streak.
Running streak June 3 2016.png

Guess that means we can cross off #1 as well!

What are you chasing after these days? Let me know in the comments below!

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