30 Before 30

I turned 29 on August 11th and with that, came the inspiration and responsibility to create my Things To Do Before My Next Birthday List!

I love that I’ve been doing these since I was 23.

You can check out all my previous years’ lists here:
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(29 Before 29 does not exist, because apparently I was never 28/or was sucked into a time warp)

Thanks for following along, all these years :)

Being 28 was RAD. We bought and LOVE our house. I surprised my best friend on her birthday in SF. Christmas brought 4 generations under 1 roof. Quality time was spent with dear friends in Boulder, NYC, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. Our nephew graduated preK, our second became a teenager! Our niece learned to talk (and run!). We continued the running streak! SCUBA dived in the Galapagos and Maui. We welcomed a furry Add’ition. I photographed a wedding. Weez’s family came to OR for a priceless 2 week vacay. I got a new job!

Being 28 also had its challenges. There was loss, pain, and personal struggle with balance. But ya fight for what matters and grow from it. Thank God for Weez last year; how the heck did I do life without him?! He is so awesome. Anyways. See ya later, 28! I’m excited to be 29! :)

And without further ado,

30 Before 30!!! (holy crap, I’m turning 30 next year…)

  1. Try to make it to 600 consecutive days of running. Then go for 300 more :)
  2. Tutor HS chemistry students
  3. Celebrate 2 years at Intel
  4. Book a spontaneous flight
  5. Run another ultra marathon
  6. Photograph a Trash The Dress session
  7. Shoot 6 sessions and post them on Erin Fortin Photography‘s FB page (can you guys head over and “like” the page, while you’re there??)
  8. Blog a least once a month!
  9. Rendezvous with my girls for a weekend+ getaway
  10. Read 12 books
  11. Run a sub 21 5K
  12. Volunteer to mentor HS or college-level students
  13. Do 50 real pushups in a row
  14. Reconnect with old friends in new places
  15. Visit 3 new countries
  16. Wander a fairytale castle
  17. Simplify! Become comfortable saying ‘no’ to things
  18. Dance on top of a biergarten table
  19. SCUBA dive somewhere new (and/or convince family to go on a liveaboard with us)
  20. Go on a 3-day backpacking trip
  21. Go camping with my nephew
  22. Braid my niece’s hair
  23. Attend a loved one’s wedding
  24. Write a love letter
  25. Convince my parents to move to the PNW
  26. Pay for a stranger’s meal/drive-through/coffee
  27. Hike to the summit of Mt. Adams
  28. Celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary
  29. Cherish family in new ways
  30. Chase after what matters most

I don’t know about you, but I have a sneaky suspicion that 29 is going to be pretty darn awesome :)

One Comment Add yours

  1. I have a great idea for where you can book that spontaneous flight.

    It may also help out with #14 and #15…quite possibly #16 and #18. Just saying! And I love these lists — they give me a lot of ideas about what to do with my own life! :)

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