Time flies when you’re having fun//being an adult with a real world job (not always synonymous). There are so many things I am beyond thankful for lately. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week: a list!

These days, I am thankful for…

1.) The lush, vibrant colors of Pacific Northwest trails. Over weekends not on-call, you can most likely find us (or rather, not find us) hiking/backpacking around Oregon with Cabo and friends. This state rocks.
photo 1 photo 2

2.) Family. I/we couldn’t have a better support system. From birthdays, to graduations, to weddings, we’ve seen family a ton this year (but of course not nearly enough). Not a thing more important to me than family, and I just love mine. If you’re reading this, thanks for being awesome, guys.

Bonus: my sister and her crew live just 2.5 hrs from us. Back in Boulder, it was my bro who lived only 3hrs from us, and now in Portland, we get to be this close to my sister. Plus, it just means we get to see our parents twice as much when they visit (*hint, brother, get your butt out here).


3.) Our new house! Back in August, Weez and I BOUGHT A HOUSE (still doesn’t feel real) and it is definitely the coolest. It’s gorgeous, in the perf location, backs up to protected green space and TRAILS (literally, our backyard runs into a 10-mile trail system), and fits our current needs perfectly.

It took a couple months, but the place is all set up and as ya’ll know, we love hosting dinner parties and family/friends’ visits. It’s fantastic having 2 extra guest rooms! More on the house later :)

4.) Adventure. And the much appreciated holidays-from-the-real. I’m really looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving Backpacking Trip this week, and then CHRISTMAS ‘break’ in 3 weeks!

Also back in August, Weez and I traveled to the Galapagos for 2 weeks of adventure/SCUBA diving/wildlife photograph’ing/beach-lounging/bike-riding/seal-stalking/tortoise-rescuing. Such a dream.
Seals are the CUTEST. Basically, the Cabo’s of the Sea.
The infamous blue-footed boobie:IMG_0592 IMG_0368 IMG_0230

5.) Running. It’s been my therapy. Our Us Time. Whether it’s a quick 1 mile loop with Cabo or 6 hours on single tracks, I have fought hard to keep running from falling back seat. And the streak lives! 326 days and counting.

We ran – and completed!!! – the Silver Falls 50K on November 7, 2014 and it was painful/empowering/wonderful.
Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 2.17.26 AM
Weez and I ran together the whole time (not always rainbows and butterflies, but ultimately so glad we had each other to pull along) and we WOULD HAVE finished side by side except he totally cut me off to finish a whole second ahead of me. What happened to chivalry?! Sheesh.
Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 2.19.14 AM
5:59 well-spent hours on delicious single tracks, ducking around waterfalls and giant trees. Would I do a 50k again? Heck yeah.

6.) And finally, Weez. Goodlord I could not do this thing (life) without him. He makes me laugh when I’m sad, tucks me in when I’m tired, challenges me when we both know I need it, and supports our family in immeasurable ways. He’s basically crushing life, and I can’t believe I won by snatching this guy up.

Life has its ups and downs and this year hasn’t always been particularly easy, but I am so thankful for my family, friends, and health. Plus, our totally goofy dog. She’s the best.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What are you thankful for this year?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rand says:

    Erin, great Thanksgiving thoughts!

  2. Holly says:

    Maybe I’m just feeling smushy today, but that last bit about Weez totally melted my heart. <3

    This year, I'm thankful for a career change that has, literally, changed my life; for new friendships that deepened this year (changing continents = starting again, friends-wise); for awesome family on two continents; and for the appearance of 100 Plus in my life – something I'd never have known if not for an international move. ;-)

    Hope you enjoyed a fabulous hikes-giving getaway! :)

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