IN A CASTLE (Fleur’s Wedding!!)


I remember the day Fleur told me Bertrand proposed. I remember the day we went dress shopping. I remember the day when Fleur told me their wedding will be in a CASTLE. I remember the day when she asked me to be her maid of honor :)

Because of their ridiculously cool multicultural backgrounds, Fleur (French/Vietnamese) and Bertrand (French/German)’s wedding weekend was a beautiful, 2-day event. It all started on Friday, October 18th with the private, family-and-wedding party, courthouse ceremony…

The girls got ready at Fleur’s home and then we were off to the courthouse!


For the Friday ceremony, Fleur wore a traditional Vietnamese wedding gown. She was stunning.


Though their courthouse ceremony was in French, anyone could tell how excited, how radiant these two were. As Fleur’s witness, I had the honor of standing beside Fleur and being 1 of the 2 (Bertrand’s best man was the second) witnesses to sign their wedding papers.

(note: As I’m usually behind the lens of my own camera, there aren’t many photos of myself, so I wanted to share some of the photos by Antoine Morfaux Photographie, Fleur’s official wedding photographer. They will be labeled accordingly; the rest are my own.)

Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)
Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)

After the courthouse, we enjoyed elegant hors d’oeuvres at Bertrand’s family home before heading to dinner: a 4-course meal paired with incredible wines picked by the bride and groom. I hugged my ‘big sis’ goodnight and next thing we knew, it was the morning to head to the castle!

We grabbed our bags and checked into the place we were staying for the wedding, reception, and night: Chateau de Clairvans (A CASTLE),
IMG_2493_2 IMG_2917 IMG_2912

The girls got our hair and makeup ready then met up with Fleur in her bridal suite.
Then it was time! I walked in with Bertrand’s best man/witness…

The rest of the gorgeous wedding party walked in, and then, there she was, with a very proud papa by her side…

Their wedding ceremony was incredible, unique, and deeply personal. They had 5 readings given from best friends, all of which in French, except the last one. I shared my favorite excerpt of all times, from The Velveteen Rabbit. Significant, also, because it was shared at our wedding so I wanted to share it with them.

Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)
Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)

It was an honor and a gift to speak at your wedding, Fleur and Bertrand. Thank you for including me in your beautiful day!

Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)
Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)

Then they read their personal vows, they kissed, and we all cheered and tossed lavender seeds in joy as the newlyweds exited the wedding tent…

I love these guys.

What followed was quiet possibly one of the best nights ever, filled to the brim with (but not limited to):
… beautiful wedding party photos,

Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)
Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)


… seemingly endless champagne and the world’s best cocktail hour,
IMG_2684 IMG_2719

… introductions to the reception and events to follow in 4 languages,
IMG_2757 IMG_2763

… a well-choreographed first dance,

… a 5 course meal,

… hysterically fun games between courses,
IMG_2846 IMG_2823 IMG_2822

… a tower of French macaroons,

… and a choreographed dance by the bride and ladies to kick off the next 5 hours of dancing (you are correct, we stayed up dancing till 5am)(French weddings are a riot)(these people know how to put on a party!),
Well, check #10 off the list.

Before all the dancing, the DJ handed over the microphone and I gave a toast to my best friend and her groom. For months prior to Fleur’s wedding, I secretly started learning French using Rosetta Stone. On the night of her wedding, I gave part of my toast in French! (check #12 off the list!)

Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)
Credit: Antoine Morfaux Photographie (France)

Fleur and Bertrand, your wedding was absolutely incredible. Thank you a million times more for including us in your big day. I love you and couldn’t be more happy for you two! You deserve the world!  Je vous souhaite une longue vie de adventure, rire, et bonheur! 


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  1. Rand says:

    So glad you shared these photos.
    Beautiful wedding, fun time!

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