That One Time, We Went to France!


Over the holidays, friends and family were asking us about our pictures from France and that’s when I realized: I never blogged about our trip! So come along with me, as I share pictures and stories from way back when October 9-21, 2013. That one time, we went to FRANCE!

The purpose of this fabulous vacation was my dear friend’s wedding. We spent a week and a half in Paris, staying at her cozytrendychic Parisian apartment, before her big day.

A huge highlight from Paris was when Fleur surprised me with tickets to dinner and a show at THE Moulin Rouge! The show was glamorous and fabulous and I would go again in a heart beat.
IMG_1904Fleur showed me the towering skyscraper of a building in La Defense (the business district) where I can’t believe she works. We met for fresh made pasta on her lunch break, where I could have eaten 5 of these bowls.

Our good friend Leslie arrived a couple of days after I did, but the day before Weez. Girl time! We got lost exploring the oldest/most famous cemetery in Paris, Le Pere Lachaise Cemetery
And went to brunch (complete with live music) at La Bellevilloise

Then there was Sacre Coure. One of my faves. An iconic Catholic church at the top of a huge hill in Montmartre. I love everything about Montmarte, the 18th arrondissement in Paris (Moulin Rouge is found there too).

When Weez arrived to Paris (reunited after 2 months!//he had moved to Portland and I was still in Boulder), one of our first stops was Notre Dame!
IMG_2009 IMG_2007 IMG_2015
Then the Louvre!

The famous bridges across the Seine…
IMG_2019 IMG_2021

The obviously necessary, totally cliche (and totally exhilarating) climbing of the Eiffel Tower!
IMG_2131 IMG_2137
The view. Oh the view.IMG_2144
Paris, you are stunning.

I fell in love with the gardens at Musee Rodin…
Rodin had a fascinating life and created incredible art. His famous sculpture, The Thinker…

Oh, Champs-Elysees (do do do dodooo)…
IMG_2224 IMG_1993

Going to the Arc de Triomphe, close-up, on a perfectly rainy day in Paris…

St. Chapelle, known for its stained glass windows that stretch sky high…

The Pantheon where Voltaire and Marie Curie and Jean Monnet are buried in its crypt…
IMG_2216 IMG_2240

Then nerding out at the Marie Curie Museum:

Crepe-endulging while people-watching at streetside cafes…

Enjoying a baguette lunch, the sun, and little birds hoping around the grass of le Jardin du Luxembourg.
IMG_2278 IMG_2299

Happily spending entirely too many Euros on French macaroons and espresso at the one and only,
IMG_2221 IMG_1998
Chocolate and raspberry macaroons all day every day.

And last but most certainly not least, we all went out for an evening River Boat cruise down the Seine. With this, this as our view:

So there we have it! Our 9 day vacation to Paris back in October :) And I could have easily spent another week there exploring more gems in the city of light.

Oh yeah, and all this BEFORE Fleur’s indescribably incredible fairytale of a wedding… which deserves a post (for the photos!) all on its own.

It was in a castle. A real life castle. 

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Groves says:

    They have a very nice Marathon, too!

  2. Jessica says:

    Stunning stunning stunning.. I’m dying a little of my jealousy over here!!!!

  3. Morgan says:

    I am dying over here, oh how I wish I could go back. You hit all the best spots! Musee Rodin was a fav of ours as well. Looking forward to the wedding post!

  4. your photos (and trip!) are incredible!! thank you for sharing!!

  5. Fantastic photos! I now miss Paris…. :(

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