Our New Neck of the Woods (/Beach)


Well, I’ve been in Hillsboro with Weez for almost 3 weeks and I’m happy to say I’m settling in and loving it! Our neighborhood is quiet, there’s a cute little outdoor shopping mall across the street, and lots of parks for our daily Cabo-walks.

I love how green and earthy it is here. How tall the trees are. And how easy is it is to get to the mountains…and ocean!

On Sunday, we went for a 3 hour hike in the mountains east of Portland. Only 60 mins from our front door to these trails :)
Gotta love that Oregon green.

On Monday, we drove 60 mins west and hit the Pacific Ocean. This is Cannon Beach. 
Cabo put her paws in an ocean for the first time. She was clearly caught off guard by the salt water.

After taking some pictures, we went for a 50 minute run on the beach. Chasing after the horizon, being chased by the tide. It’s official, we love it in the Pacific Northwest.

And it’s safe to say Cabo loves it here, too.

Come visit us?

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  1. Sam says:

    I’ll be there in December … hope our schedules align! And yeah, it looks amazing there!

  2. Heidi Nicole says:

    Love the photos! The green earthy feel that you talk about is what I miss most about Wisconsin … well, that and the red/orange/yellow fall colors. Having such a variety of stuff near by sounds great. Only an hour drive and you can get almost anything! So glad your loving it!

  3. Wow, so gorgeous! Adding Oregon to my list of must-go places. :)

  4. masher52 says:

    Those views are beautiful, looks like I need to add a race in Oregon to my list!

  5. Melon says:


  6. holy smokes!!!! so beautiful!!! glad you guys are settling in and loving your new home :)

  7. Morgan says:

    Oh man I would LOVE to come visit you! So glad you are loving life in the new digs.

  8. PK says:

    Beautiful pictures! I can’t WAIT to come visit!!!!

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