Silver Falls Trail Marathon Goals


I can’t believe I’m sitting here, one day (more like 12 hrs) away from the starting line of my 6th marathon. The Silver Falls Trail Marathon. I’m feeling pretty excited!

Like every other marathon I’ve run, race week emotions have been all over the place: feeling totally under prepared (I basically didn’t run 3 of the past 4 weeks), to nonchalant (“ehh, it’s just a trail run”), to nerves (“oh sweet baby jesus this is going to hurt”), to finally the excitement I feel today.

There’s magic in a marathon, man! It doesn’t matter how many you’ve run… toeing the line of a marathon is just.plain.awesome. There’s this sense of humbled pride and anticipation because I know just how much this will hurt. How hard it’ll be to walk down stairs on Sunday. How likely it is that I’ll trip, bleed, and/or puke at any given point. Come on, it’s a marathon. You can’t not expect it.

I like to at least acknowledge my fitness level going into each marathon for my own future record, so here it is:

One a scale of all my previous marathons, this is the 2nd least prepared I’ve ever felt (for perspective, #1 least-prepared was the 2011 Denver Marathon right after 4 weeks of: Spain-Wedding Week-Honeymoon). I’m pretty sure I can finish this thing, but I won’t be setting any records. I predict I’ll hit the wall closer to mile 16 than 22 and the last hour will be brutal.

So… my goals!

A.) Soak in the trails. Take pictures of the waterfalls that I’ll be running near/in front of/behind. Make at least 2 friends on the course with which to commiserate the pain. Don’t trip.

B.) Sub 5 hours. I don’t know the total elevation gain/loss, but the course profile looks like this:

C.) Sub 4:30. Now this is totally unrealistic and a huge stretch. But I figure I have a few things working in my benefit: 1. I’m coming from elevation 2. I’m superduper well tapered 3. I’ve been a trail runner for 5 years so I know how to crush the downhills.

T-minus 12 hours till go-time! I’ll let you all know how it goes, but following me on Twitter (@eforunner) will be your fastest bet). Here we go!! :)

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  1. Ellen King says:

    Good luck! I’ve also taken a ton of time off resting my knee before my first (!!!) marathon next weekend. I’m hoping for around a 4:30 because it’s pretty flat but honestly, I just care about finishing.

  2. This means you’re running right now! I’m cheering you on from Colorado!!

  3. Goooooooood luck! You almost make we want to try this trail marathon thing :)

  4. I can’t wait to read your recap of this! And see your pictures if you have them. Yes, there is magic in a marathon! And you’re one tough cookie for doing this one!!

  5. kaitwatts says:

    I saw you crushed your goals on fb! Congrats girl-you are a beast!

  6. Melon says:


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