Feeling like a celeb, packing the apartment, the flood, and family

Well, just like that, 3 weeks have flown by. As my last post eluted, I’ve had quite the life-changing past few weeks and I’m loving it. Sure, I’m sad to be packing up my life in Boulder but I’m tenfold more excited about the future. 

Let’s catch up to speed, shall we?

2.5 weeks ago, I flew to Indianapolis to compete as a national finalist for a science and technology award. My presentation went great and I gained fantastic feedback and networking connections. From the wine-and-dine to the professional photographer who followed us around, I felt like a mini celebrity that week. I was honored to lose to the young man in light blue (below), but I definitely came away feeling like a winner.

Award Photo

Right after arriving back in Boulder, we were hit with the catastrophic flooding that sadly took a few lives, and damaged/destroyed thousands of homes and roads. Boulder has since been labeled a Federal Disaster Area. The bike path through town is destroyed in areas, my favorite trails were under water, roads collapsed. While the flooding was at it’s worst, I took some video footage of the road I live on:

It’s certainly going to take our town a while to recover from this natural disaster, but roads and homes and businesses are opening up slowly but surely. If you’re local and interested, you can volunteer to help out HERE.

The next week, Weez came back to Boulder for a visit! We had been apart 5 weeks and it was so good to have him home. We celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary (check #23 off my 28 before 28 list!) with a bottle of white (saved) from our wedding day and delicious home cooked food (we love to cook). And then 3 short days later, he flew back to Portland.
Love him

Our apartment is mostly all packed-up now. Everything in boxes. We donated a few bigger items (#15, done) and dumped a lot of junk. Our place echos and feels so hollow to me. The movers come in 2 days!
Empty Apt

I spent last weekend with my brother and his gf up in WY (where they live) and we just had a blast. I love that small town he’s lived in for over 6 years now. I’m going to miss being able to zip up there in 2.5hrs to hang out.

There’s a lot I’m going to miss about living in Boulder for the past 6 years, but that’s a post for another day.

I’m still running/training for the Silver Falls Trail Marathon on Nov. 2… I’m running 30-50 mile weeks and I’ve got my first 20 miler of the cycle this weekend. Wish me luck!!

What have YOU been up to the past 3 weeks? 

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    What have YOU been up to the past 3 weeks?

    Well, according to the BMI charts, I’ve been up to my ideal weight if I was three inches taller.

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow lady – you’ve been busy!!!

  3. So sad that you’re leaving– come back and visit!!

  4. Melon says:

    You might have lost the science and tech award, but you definitely won the “Sexiest Chemist” contest.

  5. Holly KN says:

    I’m (kind of) with Melon – good to see a ‘Y’ chromosome represented there!

    Glad you are safe after the recent devastation – it hurts to see a ‘home’ (even if it’s one of many/several) looking that way.

    Enjoy your next few weeks…if I recall, there’s some travel on the horizon!! =)

    1. Holly @ Run With Holly says:

      Sorry, that should say “good to see some not-only-Y-chromosomes” represented there. I’d better watch out, or someone’s gonna take away my degree…

  6. OMFG! I lived in Boulder for 4.5 years because I went to CU-Boulder. If it’s not a CRAZY blizzards or fires galore, it’s crazy flooding! THAT IS INTENSE! I cannot even imagine it. Table Mesa looks like a disaster zone! I have a lot of friends still there, they definitely said it was NUTS – however, living in Los Angeles, which is essentially a desert, I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around it. I am glad you’re okay! :)

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