What’s up for the next 2 months?


Some of you have been asking what I’ve been up to since I defended and why I’m not starting my new job until November. And why Weez and I will be apart until Oct.

Snuggling and dog park-playing with this sweet pup
Snuggling and dog park-playing with this sweet pup

I still have quite a few loose-ends to tie up here at school so I have been working as a temporary post-doc. So I’m still at work, as usual. I’m very thankful my advisor could keep me on in this interim.

Next week, however, I will be presenting my research at the American Chemical Society national convention. Months ago, my advisor nominated me for a distinguished graduate student award, and I was selected as 1 of 4 national finalists. It’s my honor to represent my research lab as well as my university. So I’ll be at the 4-day convention presenting, competing, for the award among 3 other graduate students.

My last official day at school will be October 4. It’ll be hard to say bye to my labmates and advisor, but Weez and I will be back in December for the formal cap-and-gown(and hood!), walk-across-the-stage commencement ceremony. That’ll be really fun.

Then, on October 6, this girl is flying to…. FRANCE! For two and a half weeks of vacay! I’m over the moon about it and CANNOT wait. I’ve been looking forward to this trip since my dear friend got engaged last year. Remember this fabulous trip to Dublin in the spring?

Fleur's gettin' married!
Fleur’s gettin’ married!

Fleur and I met 2.5 years ago when she came to the US for a post-doc. We immediately bonded, and she’s been like a sister to me ever since. She’s a French citizen, born and raised, so she and her future-hubs are getting married in a castle (a real life castle!) in France’s wine country in mid-Oct! STOKED. I’ll be out there for about 2 weeks before her big day, helping her with last min wedding details and exploring Paris. Love this girl, love her fiance, and this wedding is going to be off the hoooooook.

Then finally, when I arrive back stateside in late October, I’m going to pack up my car and Cabo and I will start the road trip to Portland!

And that’s the reason I’m starting my new job in November :)

Whew! Life plans!

Tell me about YOUR next two months? What’s on your plate??

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  1. CONGRATS on that nomination! That is so awesome and you should seriously be proud. And I’m crazy jealous of your France trip! I’m dying to take Will there since I went solo and I think it’s such a romantic country :)

  2. the dawn says:

    Whew. I’m tired just reading about all your plans. But they sound wonderful! What an exciting and exhausting time.

    For the next two months I’m gong to be doing everything I can to get better so I can resume normal life after all the back problems I’ve been struggling with for 6 months.

  3. What an awesome few months you have in store!! And big congrats on the nomination!!!

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