Defense Week


I quite literally cannot believe that it’s the week of my defense.

Grad school has been my life for the past 5 years: failed experiments, successful experiments, a few explosions/fires in lab, group meetings, biweekly research updates with my PI (principle investigator/aka my advisor), collaborations, conferences, presentations.

When I joined grad school, I was horrified of the concept of presenting research in front of my 15+ member group, much less at large conferences. And yet, I’ve done it and grown to be confident in myself, even excited to present my work.

I’m feeling confident and ready to share my work, and defend it, to my peers, scientific community, and panel of committee members. I’m still nervous, but not in the insecure way that 22-year-old-Erin used to be.

Among grad students there’s always this “I’m never going to graduate” joke. I was that grad student; I joked about it all the time. And I just cannot believe this week is here.

My best friend texted me last night, “see you in a few days!” and at first I was all, “noooo, not days, right? Weeks?” and then it hit me. My parents, in-laws, best friends are all coming out for the big day/weekend and I couldn’t be more thankful to have them here. But for real, they’re literally all coming out THIS Thursday/Friday. I get to see all my favorites THIS Thursday/Friday.

Which means I defend THIS Friday. What? When did time fly by so fast?

Additionally, today is Dr. Weez’s first day at his new job! He’s all settled into our new apartment in Portland (well as much as you can be when all you’ve traveled with was a few suitcases, an air mattress, and some pots). Sounds like he likes the location so far and he’s excited to get to work. I’m so proud of him.

It’s a big week for the Weezs!

PS. Congrats to all those who raced Leadville 100 this weekend! You are all beasts and I’m so impressed by you! Happy running :)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. runwithholly says:

    I’ll be cheering all the way from Singapore! :)

  2. Heidi Nicole says:

    Good luck, you’re so close! Have fun with it too! :)

  3. Good luck! you’ll do great!!! Side note: I volunteered for the Leadville 100, I was at the last aid station before the finish! It was crazy to see it all from that point of view!

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