Today’s announcement and tomorrow’s half marathon


Today is a big day.

Today marks exactly two weeks until my defense. Which, in department lingo, means that my committee needs to receive my finalized, completed thesis. And that they did! My thesis is officially in the hands of my 5 committee members. There’s no turning back. No more last minute revisions. It’s a done deal.

It’s equally exhilarating and anti-climactic. All those weeks writing; all those revisions; this big, formal, monstrosity of a word document, condensed into a 5MB PDF.


Just like that.

No pomp and circumstance. No choir singing. No formal delivery of the 268-page book left in my committees’ mailboxes. Just the quiet, fluttering of my heart and my shaking fingers as I clicked “send”.

Which is why I wanted to make this big ol’ blog post about it. SOMETHING had to be done to announce this monumental day!

Also. This:

The department added my defense announcement to the bulletin board. I’ve never had my name up on that board before. Feels kinda fancy :)

Lastly, tomorrow is the GTIS Half Marathon! My race day goals, in order of importance:
1.  Run HARD, have FUN
2.  Sub 1:35

Weez and I will be at the start ~6:30AM, trying to stay warm before the race. Come find us! I’ll have my phone, so tweet away! I hope to see you there!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats on the thesis submission, and good luck tomorrow!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Man, you are so darn speedy :) Look for me about an hour after that, if you’re still around! :)

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