#3 and #8, Done and Done!

I was recently informed that my birthday is rapidly approaching. As in, in 4 days. I’m not sure when this happened, but apparently it is true. I am turning 27 on Sunday and I don’t feel a day past 22.

Wasn’t I just 24? 25? 26?

Aside from being so caught up in grad school chaos and forgetting my own birthday, I’ve checked two very formidable tasks off my list of 27 Before 27:

#3: Write my PhD thesis
#8: Start the hunt for my first professional job

Well, baby, check #3 off the list in big, thick, red marker because as of this morning, that badboy is DONE! I’m 100% DONE with my thesis! And damn it feels good.

My thesis is COMPLETE!
My thesis is COMPLETE!

I’m really proud of all the hard work, hours upon hours sitting at my laptop writing, revisions back-and-forth with my advisor, the mental break downs, and spinny-wheel-of-death when my MacBook would freeze before I could save the latest paragraph I wrote.

It’s all done.

268 pages.


And as for #8, those of you on twitter (@eforunner) heard that I was in Portland last week for a job interview. My first professional job interview! Good or bad, it was a great learning experience and I feel accomplished having gone through that 7-hour day with a level head and articulate answers.

So here we are. 4 days away from my 27th birthday, and I’ve got a new list to create! I better finish that up in time! I ain’t gettin’ any younger!

What should I add to my list of 28-things-to-do-before-turning-28?? Any suggestions? :)

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  1. Jessica says:

    I read the title of your thesis and I think my brain exploded. Hahaha! GO GIRL GO! So proud of you!!!

  2. kaitwatts says:

    OMG I can’t believe that you wrote that thesis so fast! I actually have to go back and revisit mine to put together a paper for a conference and funny, but I keep putting it off. Good luck with your job interview. Knowing you, I am sure that you nailed it. Keep rockin’ girl!

  3. Congrats! That’s a HUGE accomplishment. Good luck with the job search!

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