Flatiron Trifecta, round 3!


Remember a couple weeks ago I talked about the Marathon Hangover and those pesky post-race pounds that crept their way onto my body? Well, I’ve been running a bunch more and feeling 110% better about my body since. Funny how that works out, right?

I wanted to talk about one particularly awesome run lately: over the weekend, Weez, Cabo, and I ran the Boulder Flatirons Trifecta for the third time. It’s about a 10 mile point-to-point, 3-mountain summit+saddle trail system that is a BLAST to complete.

I’d wage there’s well over 4000+ft of elevation gain in the process of summiting each of the 3 mountains, so it’s a nice, hearty run/hike (a rike, if you will). We ran when we could. Hiked when we couldn’t. It was fantastic. Cabo was on cloud 9.

Green Mtn Summit (8,100ft)
1st summit: Green Mtn (8,100ft)

Weez and I carried our 70 oz. CamelBaks but that isn’t enough water for us + Cabo since there’s not a ton of water access along the trail for her. So she wore her saddlebag and carried her own water+collapsable bowl. Another benefit to having Cabo wear her saddlebag, is that her behavior mellows since she feels like she’s “working”. She sticks close and never wanders off trail.

Cabo is the best trail dog. She got so many compliments and “awws” along the way. My favorite? Some lady that exclaimed, “Sherpa! The mountain dog!”. I love dog people.

About a year ago, the Flagstaff Fire blazed for 9 days through the Boulder Flatirons. A lot of south Boulder (including our home) was put on pre-evacuation notice because of it. This was when we were in Cambodia. That was mildly stressful, to say the least.

We were shocked (and saddened) to see how the trail has changed since the fire…

2013: saddle btwn Green and Bear mtns
2013: saddle btwn Green and Bear mtns
2010: saddle btwn Green and Bear mtns

The view from Bear Mountain is always my favorite. I love Boulder.

Summit #2: Bear Mtn (8,461ft)
2nd Summit: Bear Mtn (8,461ft)

It’s pretty steep to get to South Boulder Peak, so we did a lot less running and a lot more hiking to get to the summit…

3rd Summit: South Boulder Peak (8,549ft)
3rd Summit: South Boulder Peak (8,549ft)

The rike down S. Boulder Peak showed the most of the fire damage which was pretty eery.

5 hours, 3 summits, and 10 miles after leaving our 1st car, the three of us were so stoked to finally get back to our end-pt car. We had a blast and I’m surprisingly less sore than I have been the previous two times. Hooray!

Cheers to an active day on the Boulder Flatirons!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    That looks like fun! I want to get Will out trail running this weekend potentially– any suggestions for a good 5-7 miler in in the Boulder-Golden area that won’t annihilate is knees and isn’t majorly crowded on the weekend? (Or is that just a pipe dream?)

  2. Efo says:

    Oh of course! There’s tons of trails! I’ll email you because I don’t know trailhead names… just how to get there!

  3. One of these days I WILL go to Boulder when I’m visiting the fam and run/hike with you!

  4. sounds like a great adventure on the trails! funny because we went for a 10 mile hike on saturday too! love the photos (always)… HOW CUTE IS CABO’S VEST?!

  5. Heidi Nicole says:

    We bike a lot near Buffalo Creek and it has burned multiple times (the Lime Gulch fire last week was right near this area) — its eerie to see and very eye opening to how destructive fires are, but its also really cool to see how quickly somethings grow back!

    Looks like a great run and I’m so jealous of your trail loving dog. Some day I’ll have one of those!

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