Mt. Evans Ascent


Over the weekend, Weez, my brother’s gf, and I (oh yeah, and Cabo too!) spectated my brother’s Mt. Evans Ascent road race. It was totally rockin’. Har har har. Rockin’? Mount Evans? Get it? I’m a dork.

Mt. Evans Ascent is a 14.5 mile road race, running from ~10,300ft in elevation up to the SUMMIT of Mt. Evans (14,260ft).

Things to highlight:
– in 1982, our dad ran this exact race. He finished fast enough to receive a piece of the mountain (literally. at the time, they prized speedsters with a chunk of rock from the mtn)
– in 2013, the race directions reinstalled the chunk-of-the-mtn thing, and my brother is a speedster so he, too, received a piece of the rock! Family twinning!
– this is the best spectators course of all times (see video for evidence)
– people who voluntarily sign up for this are crazy. (crazy awesome/ballsy/tough as nails)

We snapped a lot of sweet pics while Will ran by, but we also took video so I spliced together this little montage to show you what his day was like! Will might have been in the pain cave, but clearly, Weez/Cena/I had fun cheering him and other runners along. Showcased by our Gangnam style dance party and tunes blasting from the side of our car. We all had fun.

Congrats, Will! I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Heidi Nicole says:

    I love this…and you! You guys were amazing spectators! I wish more people were kind enough to open their windows and crank their music while driving up the mountain! And a huge congrats the Will for fighting through the up and up and up and up!

    You joining us next year if you’re still in CO?! ;)

  2. awesome video!! most of your songs were on my playlist too :) congrats to your bother!!!

  3. congrats to your brother! so awesome your dad has run that race too!

  4. runwithholly says:

    Your bro is AMAZING! This is a ridiculous-looking race. Congrats to him!

    And kudos to you all for being a fantastic cheer squad. Looks like you all had a blast! Sometimes it’s great to get to soak in the race atmosphere…without having to run the race! [Although spectating and cheering are very hard work, so you totally still earn a post-race beer or something. :)]

  5. kaitwatts says:

    This is freaky awesome ! I need to learn your video making skills.

  6. Heather says:

    He did so awesome!!! After reading all the girls’ recaps, I think I”d like to try this run….er walk….next year!

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