Life is about to get cray


In such a good way.

One week!

Defending your PhD is a big deal, more so than the cap-and-gown/walking across the stage thing. So when our folks asked him if he’d prefer them here for the defense or the graduation he chose the former.  The fact that both sets of parents could come out for this is so special. Weez is a loved guy :)

Weez’s folks come to town on Thursday and my ‘rents land on Sunday! I’m just gonna put this out there: when it comes to in-laws, Weez and I win. I love my Mama and Papa Dubs. And I know Weez appreciates and respects my ‘rents like his own.

Okay, cheese sesh over.

The point of this post is that life is about to get cray in two days. I have a few blog posts I’d like to share, so I’ll try to get those up. Stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with one last photo, taken after we got home from our backpacking trip over the weekend.


We drove up to WY, hiked-in with our backcountry gear, and set up camp. Like mother, like daughter, my Cabo pup loves the mountains and our camping trips.

She runs and runs, sniffs ALL.THE.SMELLS., and chews on sticks to her heart’s content.

Thus, when we get back home, she’s a stage 5 passed-out-pup. How is she not the cutest?! Love her.

What’s on your plate this week, guys? 
Random: what’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received? 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. good luck to your man this week! enjoy the craziness! :)

  2. runwithholly says:

    Definitely the defense! [In all honestly, I totally skipped my graduation, and wasn’t the least bit sorry about it! :)] Enjoy the crazies, and major congrats to Weez!!! =)

  3. so awesome they are coming into town to show support! go weez!

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