Happy Graduation Weekend to my Sis and BIL!


I’ve never wished I could be somewhere right now so bad.

My gorgeous, driven, crazy-smart sister (in red below) is graduating with her MBA today! And my brother-in-law (navy blue below) is graduating from law school tomorrow! He’s in the Army, so he’ll be a lawyer for the Army (aka, a JAG).

As if having a son (and a baby girl on the way!), two engineering degrees, a masters in enviro-science, and leader rankings in the military wasn’t enough… they had to go and get MBAs and JDs. Talk about a power couple!


Not only are my parents there to celebrate this huge milestone, my sis’s in-laws are down there with them too. I love my sister’s in-laws like family (they live up in Ft. Collins so Weez and I have the pleasure of visiting them often), and imagining them all together in TX right now colors me very green.

Thinking of you guys this weekend, family! Love to you all!

Who else is graduating/graduated this spring? Congrats to you!

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