Travel Must-Haves


It’s no surprise that Weez and I love to travel. If we’re not on an adventure, we’re dreaming, planning (and constantly savin’ up for) the next big trip. Fancy cars and designer clothing? No way. We’d rather spend our money on plane tickets and visas.

We’ve had our eyes opened, our stomachs’ tossed, our teamwork strengthened, our hearts racing, and our breath taken away at some pretty cool international locations in the past couple of years…

And throughout all those fun adventures, I’ve come to realize a small list of absolute must-haves. So I wanted to share those with you guys!

1. My (DSLR) Canon XSi, with 50mm f/1.8 and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lenses. As well as my pocket-sized Canon Point and Shoot …obvi :)
Canon Rebel XSi

2. GoLite 35L Ultralight Pack. This pack is perfect for <5 day backpacking trips in the mountains, but I also always use it for my traveling adventures, too. It’s light, durable, comfortable, and fits everything I need.
Traveling Light

3. iPhone. As soon as I board, I switch my phone to “airplane” mode and only use it if I can pick up wifi wherever we are. We appreciate having the ability to contact our family if we get the chance.

4. Running shoes. There’s no better way to explore :) I love running in new places because if it’s hot or dirty, who cares if I get sweaty and gross in my running clothes?
Running in Siem Reap

5. Passport. There are few personal items more important to me in life. I felt so vulnerable in the weeks without my passport when I changed my name/got married. I’m thankful for our freedom to travel anywhere and whenever we want. That’s not something I take for granted. I’m crazy thankful to be an American citizen.

And that’s it!

When traveling abroad, what can’t you leave home without?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. i definitely appreciate the age of wifi on smart phones too! when i did most of my international travel, i had to rely on calling cards because i didn’t have a super smart phone. but this past december in japan, it was awesome to be able to connect to wifi and call alex for a few minutes :)

    great list!

  2. runwithholly says:

    Whoo! Good question. While I’m not a SUPER heavy-stuff traveler, I can’t say I travel as lightly as you do. Here are a few things I’ve come to love during our travels in the last 2 years:

    1. A really good day-bag. If I’m out touring around all day, I want a place to stash extra layers, some water, snacks, camera, etc. I started out our trip last year with one bag, but it wasn’t quite big enough – so I converted to using a small Timbuk2 partway through. It’s a comfortable messenger bag, which I feel is more secure than a backpack (I always wear the strap across my body so it can’t be snatched, and the pockets can’t be opened as easily without my knowledge).

    2. Kindle. We found this especially useful when traveling around cities, sites, and museums where the English signage wasn’t very good. We borrowed travel books (for Kindle!) from the library back home, and had a very portable travel guide everywhere we went, that usually provided some basic descriptions of what we were seeing, where we were going, and even a few words for language reference. Obviously, it was also a very compact way to pack my ‘pleasure’ reading, too.

    3. Small laptop. For us, this was an essential stay connected AND travel-planning tool. Even if we had our major plans made in advance (lodging, basic daily activities, etc.), we liked being able to check out maps, open hours, public transport, and restaurant reviews the night before the next day’s adventure.

    4. Carabiners. I laughed when KMN packed a pile of them in his bag. But before long, I was strapping things around/together with them, too. I was definitely surprised at how many uses we found for them!!

  3. Heather says:

    Ha, I’m the opposite– I purposely shut my phone off and leave it off because I hate being connected to “back home” when I’m out adventuring!

    As for what I always bring? An American $20 bill. You can buy your way out of so many situations with it :)

  4. misszippy1 says:

    I love all the places you go! You’ll never regret that time and those experiences. These days, i’m going through the smartphone in there, too, simply b/c it can help with so much (provided you have service!).

  5. kaitwatts says:

    I love that same backpack too! Works for everything! I enjoy my ipad now. Web access and books.

  6. the dawn says:

    Oh I need a camera!!!!! Im so tired of my crappy cell phone pictures.

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