Second 20 miler for Boston Training, success!


Alternatively, this post could be called, “My Mom Is Awesome”.

I had 20 miles on deck for my long run (LR) this weekend. Weez has been taking a break from long distance running, so I’ve been going about my LRs by my lonesome for the past few weeks here. Laaaaame!

The first 15 miles, I had fun music to listen to, but then my playlist ran out. And I got bored.

So using my iPhone earbuds+built in microphone (those are the earbuds I use to listen to my music), I called my mom.


There I was, running along, talking on the phone with my hands-free. It’s a super dorky concept and make fun of me all you want, but there were multiple benefits to chatting while running:

1. Entertainment. We were laughing and talking the entire time. I felt like I was at home, hanging out with my mom. Zero boredom!

2. Added fitness challenge. It’s significantly harder to talk and keep an 8:00 pace while running, than it is to just be listening to music.

3. Safety. I was running out in the boonies, outside of town, on and off sidewalks, with nobody really around. I felt less secluded with mom’s company on the other side of the line.

4. Personal cheerleader. When going up a big hill at the end, mom was a cheerleader on the other side of the phone helping motivate me to keep a strong effort.

I strategically mapped out my run so that I would have a tough, 500ft-gain hill before the end. I wanted to simulate Boston’s Heartbreak Hill. With mom’s motivation, I managed to keep an 8:40 pace up that monster.

20.5 miles
20.5 miles, run and done!

So needless to say, my momma is awesome, and she kept me company for the entire last 5 miles of my LR! Thanks, mom!

20.5 miles in 2:46 (avg 8:06 pace).

Puttin’ money in the bank.

Feeling healthy. fit. thankful. positive. optimistic.


The Boston marathon is only 1 22-miler, and 5 short weeks away!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. misszippy1 says:

    So funny that you brought your mom along like that–I love it! You crushed the run, too. Can you get your mom to go to Boston, too?

  2. Morgan says:

    Love it! Way to go on the second 20 miler!!! How did it stack up against your last one? Feel easier or harder? I have my second one this weekend, EEKS!!!

  3. I ran Boston in 1999 and it was FABULOUS. It’s really a great experience. You should really have a fun time. Enjoy every minute of every mile!

  4. Holly KN says:

    Love it! And the multi-tasking, to boot!

    Great work, girl. I’m betting on you reaping the rewards of this work in Boston in just over a month!! =)

  5. moms are the best! solid 20 miler – you are going to do so well at boston!!!

  6. ha! that’s awesome!! mom better be on speed dial in Boston when you need to phone a friend! :)

  7. Colorado Gal says:

    I love this! And girl, you are going to crush Boston– I can feel it in my bones!

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