Dog Tags and Collars, The Importance of


I was running with LJ yesterday when we came upon the sweetest little golden doodle – leash still attached to its collar – wandering around without her owner. We stopped right away and ran over to her. Fortunately, she had a collar with a couple tags, and we were able to get the dog back to her owner after a series of phone calls.

The dog didn’t have a name tag with owner contact info, but she did have a city dog license tag. Here in Boulder, dog owners are required to register their dogs for recorder keeping sake, etc. When we registered Cabo, at the time, I thought the whole thing was just a money scam. But turns out, had this golden doodle’s owners not registered their dog, we might not have been able to get the cutie pup back to her home!

Just goes to show how important it is to put a collar and at least one contact tag on your dog.

Makes me think about all of Cabo’s tags.
Seems a little excessive, but each serves an important purpose.

  1. Name (pink): Cabo, with our cell numbers on the back
  2. Chip (yellow): Cabo has a chip, and this tag has the contact info for who to call if a vet scans her into the system (and lets us know that someone scanned Cabo’s chip)
  3. License (purple): her registered city of Boulder tag
  4. Voice and Sight (green): you can let your dogs off-leash on the hundreds of miles of trails we have here in town, if your dog responds to voice and sight control, and they have this tag

I can’t imagine ever losing Cabo; if she got lost or didn’t come back when off-leash on the trails. I’d be a total mess. She’s our world and we love her so gosh darn much.

Cabo at 3 months (2011)
Cabo at 3 months (2011)
Cabo at 18 months (2012)
Cabo at 18 months (2012)

So dog owners, even if your pup is an inside dog, please have contact info on their collar! Better to be safe than sorry!

I’m just curious, of all my readers, who have dogs? cats? fish? hamster? Tell me about your pets! I’d love to hear about them all :)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m so so awful for not keeping Bodies collar on him!! He has a registered tag for the town and one with our info on it but we only put it on him when we go for a car ride or to the groomer!

    I’ve thought about doing the microchip though…. hmm…

  2. misszippy1 says:

    Ahhh..poor pup. It’s funny b/c I know a girl who moved to Boulder from here and one of the first things that happened was that her dog got loose and they never did find her. She was tagged, etc, but no dice. So sad.

    My pup is a 14-yr. old whippet. Love him to death and it’s so sad to see him suffering from old age these days! He’s slow and creaky and skeletal, but still happy!

  3. Roo says:

    I totally agree with having atleast one id tag on the dog. I recently adopted my 2nd dog who was registered at the boulder humane as a stray. She has 3 tags now and my mind is at peace. Oooh we should totally do a play date with cabo and my two pups!!

  4. Hmmm. My one-year-old yellow Lab Opus is chipped and wears a collar but no tags. I rely on the chip. Having read your post I’m thinking that’s not a good plan….

  5. Heidi Nicole says:

    We only have a cat and if we put a collar on him he will hide under the bed and scowl at us until we take it off! But then, he never goes outside aside from on the balcony…but with a dog I completely see the necessity!

  6. Maggie says:

    So smart to have Cabo’s tags on her. For our babies, we have their name tag with our cell numbers, and their CHIP tag. I can’t imagine losing them, and the tags significantly lower that risk…a must have :)

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