CO Brews, Science, Stanley, and Snow Shoeing (aka, Niki’s visit!)


This girl and I go way back. Back to 2004 when we first met, taking eye exams during our pre-season physicals. Back to college XC and track racing days. Best friends that sweat together, stay together. It’s a scientific fact.

And if traveling to Kenya this month wasn’t exciting enough, my girl Niki surprised me with a spontaneous trip to Boulder last weekend! I just about died I was so happy.

I made sure to give her the proper Colorado experience, starting with the beer that makes CO famous.

We hit up some microbreweries (Golden City Brewery and Avery Brewery), as well as the Coors Brewery tour, which I gotta say, is pretty cool (it’s free, and they provide three 12oz. tasters at the end).
IMG_2794 IMG_2795

We enjoyed dinner and drinks on Pearl St. at one of my absolute favorite restaurants, Sherpa’s. Somehow we managed to get a photo on the bus, yet, forgot to take ones with dinner? Fail.


Earlier that day, she wanted to see campus and where I work, so I brought her up to lab (safety first!).
Niki_lab_liquid nitrogen
She wanted to learn some chemistry, so I showed her liquid nitrogen, what it does to gas, and she froze (then shattered) a flower for good measure :)

We ventured to the mountains and went snow shoeing.
IMG_2707 IMG_2695

We drove to Estes Park and took a tour somewhere I’ve always wanted to go: The Stanley Hotel! We learned about the history of this gorgeous hotel, its paranormal activity, and the celebrities who’ve been too creeped out to stay the night after experiencing their own encounters (Google Jim Carrey and the Stanley Hotel). Creeeeeepy.

Stephen King stayed in room 217 of the Stanley back in the 70s, had a haunted encounter, and was inspired to write The Shining. So of course, one night, Niki, Weez, and I made homemade pizzas and watched the movie.
IMG_2760 IMG_2785

And of course, Niki couldn’t have come for a visit without going for a run together. Felt just like the good ol’ days. We ran the CU XC course (trails right near my place).

Thanks for coming out, Niki! You make my life a million times better by being you. I love you more than Troyer house, Zours, and Coach’s infamous regionals story-telling.

Miss you already!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time!! My dad met Stephen King once and said he was creeeepy hahahaha

    1. Efo says:

      Your dad has such crazy, cool, random stories!

  2. Lisa says:

    Boy, your posts make me smile :)

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