A wintery weekend recap


Aliteration, for the win!

I know this is a late recap of our weekend events, but I wanted to document them because we had fun. We really did. I didn’t want the thing to end.

Saturday, entailed waking up at 5:15AM to go run 16 miles in sub 5*F weather. Honest to goodness, I had a great time once we got out the door. Weez and I met up with the always hilarious and entertaining Sam, to run some trails near his neck of the woods. Good company, good conversation; the miles flew by.

After the long run (and a kind cup of coffee, provided by Sam’s lovely wife, Tiffany), Weez and I got back in our car to drive home. That’s when I found this:
photo (4)
The water – all 16 oz of it – froze during the 2 hours we were out running (more on how I personally stay warm in a post tomorrow!). To warm our spirits, we spoiled ourselves with the world’s most healthy breakfast: Chick-fil-a. It was totally worth it.

Then we jetted up (not literally) to Wyoming to spend Saturday-Sunday with my brother and his gf. Wyoming is awesome. Just when you think living in Boulder is the coolest place to be, you cross over the border and realize how relaxed, outdoorsy, rustic Wyoming has it. I dig that place. It’s just got this feel about it.

We went snow shoeing on Sunday (thanks to the three pairs of snow shoes my brother owns)(he truly is a mountain man).
photo (3)
I challenged Cabo to a race up a hill at one point. She kicked my butt.
picstitch (1)
Let me tell you: snow shoe running? A surefire way to warm up in a hurry.

The rest of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday was spent working and running (Monday: 7 miler; Tuesday: track workout) and travel-size-accessory shopping and listing (goodness, so many lists) and rechecking the expiration date on my passport. 6 days till Kenya, folks.

6 days.

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  1. Awesome weekend–I’m sure the snowshoeing was great! I’ve done a bit of snowshoe running and yes, it is hard work! I can’t believe you’ll be on a plane to Africa in six days–so incredible!

    On your question on orthotics–my thoughts are that they are not a long-term solution and that they only serve to weaken the feet. Perhaps you need to wean out of them, though, instead of cold turkey? Tough one to figure out!

    1. Efo says:

      Thanks for your input on my orthotics concern. I completely agree that they’re just a short term quick fix, but not a sustainable solution. I’m considering a new pair of Altras. We shall we!

  2. kaitwatts says:

    I love Wyoming too! Next time give me a ring and maybe we can go for a quick run.

  3. Holly KN says:

    Ah…snowshoes. Heck of a workout! But not one I’ll be seeing any time soon…. Looks like you guys had a blast, though – and your photos make me almost (almost!) miss all that wintry goodness. :)

    Here’s to a relaxing lead-up to your trip. Remember: passport, toothbrush, bug spray, credit card – and you’re good to go. A few pieces of quick drying apparel are just a bonus. And once you’re on your way? I’m wishing you laughter, adventures, fun, problem-solving, awesome photo ops…and a terrific time

  4. Heidi Nicole says:

    So pretty! I can barely coordinate my legs enough to walk in snowshoes, let alone run. I’m the girl that face plants because I stepped on my own snowshoe. This 6 mile hut trip hike in snow shoes should be interesting… :|

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