The most wonderful time


of the year. It really is.

The smells, and decorations, and traditions. The anticipation for family moments and new memories. I can’t wait to get home. Home to Ohio with my entire family.

Weez and I picked up our fresh Christmas tree the other day, but when we brought it home, we realized the stump was too long. So Weez had to hack it down with a hatchet. 
Cabo got to enjoy the stump while we put out our holiday decorations.
Then we trimmed the tree while playing our favorite Christmas tunes. O Holy Night warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye, every time. It was my grandpa’s favorite song, too.
Boulder puts on a holiday parade every year, and we went to it this year with some dear friends.

Lots of little kiddos, and service dogs parading, and floats, and twinkling lights, and candy tossed to the crowd.
How come they never throw candy out to the adults? It’s okay though, I just stole some from my friends’ kiddos. They’re only 2, they couldn’t eat all that candy anyways ;)
It really was just lovely. Who doesn’t appreciate a good parade?

Thanks everyone for your insight and advice about the whole long-run thing while training for a marathon. I think after hearing about your experiences, I’m gonna play it by ear. I’ll plan for 3 20ish mile long runs. And on the day I’m going for the 20 miler, if I’m feeling good and healthy (injury free, knock on wood), I’ll tack on the 2 extra miles. I dig the idea of just enjoying the long runs and running how I feel.

Speaking of, we ran 11 this past weekend and they felt GREAT. The miles were light, carefree, comfortable. I’ve got 12 on deck for this weekend. It’s nice going into this training cycle feeling relaxed and confident. It’s all good.

Christmas tree: fresh or fake?

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  1. That’s a great picture of you and Weez!

    I’m a fake tree kind of girl. But one year we had a fake tree and put it in our living room and got a real one for the basement. I LOVE the smell of real trees so I usually get the christmas tree candle from bath and body works and light it so it smells authentic! ;)

  2. Zaneta says:

    I LOVE Christmas time! :) LOVE the snow on your blog!! BTW, I’m having a Christmas Card Swap on my blog if you’d like to join! :)

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