32 hours spent driving, for 48 hours with family.


It was, without a doubt, absolutely, unequivocally worth it.

There was serious catching up to do.

The where’ve and what’ve you been up to’s; egg nog drinking and no-bake cookie eating; games of ‘tag’ with the little ones and Bailey’s in hot cocoa with the adults; Christmas tree forest wandering and family photo posing; happy pants wearing and travel story telling; cutting down the perfect trees and teasing TJ for liking the short and fat ones; laughter and big bear hugs.

It’s a scientific fact. My uncles give the world’s best bear hugs.

The weekend – all of it – was the best.

My heart is full to the brim with new memories. I love my family.

I miss them all already.

Not pictured, but most certainly hugged were: my grams, Aunt J, cousin, and Weez’s entire nuclear fam. So good to see you all! What a special weekend!

Just over 3 weeks until Christmas break, and more family loving and traditions galore.

Is this not the most wonderful time of the year?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful family! So glad you got to visit with them :)

  2. Lovely family pics!! Wanna hear more about these no bake cookies!

  3. Melon says:


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