Memories will be made.


Tomorrow morning, Weez, Cabo, and I start our road trip from Colorado to small town Illinois to be with my (paternal) extended family for the holiday weekend. Love these guys with all my heart.

I cannot wait to see them. And hug them. And just hang out with them nonstop for 2 full days. And laugh. Oh man, there will be a lot of laughter.

The thing about my family? They’re a wild bunch of affectionate, genuine, down to earth, give-each-other-crap, sarcastic goofballs. They make me feel right at home, and it’s so easy to be myself around them. It’s always comfortable. And so much fun.

I look forward to participating in the traditions, and eating lots of food, and drinking lots of hot cocoa with Baileys, and cramming it all in.

Memories will be made this weekend. Lots of ’em.

‘Tis not solely the destination, but the journey to get there! Since it’s a wee bit of a drive, Weez and I are splitting up the trip there into two days. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving night one of our favorite ways: camping! Cooking and enjoying mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce via campfire. Just the three of us. Our little family, on Thanksgiving, in the woods. A little adventure it shall be.

I hope you all have safe travels, eat well, and make the most joyous of Thanksgiving holiday memories this weekend!

What/where will you be this Thursday/weekend?

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  1. Lisa says:

    Your Camp-giving night sounds perfect! We’ve got a local 5K to start the day, then traditional turkey & the fixin’s with family. Nothing better :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. hope you guys had a great trip! loved the “trip home” tweets! we ended up going down to denver for a few days!

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