Oh, hay, November.


It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I had to reread my last posts to figure out what I have or haven’t told ya’ll about. Anyways, let’s recap the past week+ in a montage of photos!

Ready? Go!

I cheered on 2 of my friends as they ran the Boulder Marathon
We got lost in a corn maze and ate lots of fair foods like fried oreos and funnel cake
We dressed up as the Black and White Swans for Halloween
Cabo was a pumpkin and Weez was Walt from Breaking Bad
16 of us participated in a Gangnam style flashmob on Halloween morning
I fulfilled my civic duty!

Tomorrow’s the big day, guys. Red, blue, nonpartisan. Get out and vote! 

In other news, I’ve been running! Running lots! I’m anxious to gear up into Boston marathon training, but I’ve still got plenty of base weeks before the legit long runs start knocking on my door. So for now, I’ve been running in the mornings, spin or zumba’ing in the evenings, and hitting up the treadmill in our apartment complex for extra miles from time to time.

Oh yeah! Speaking of Boston, I’ve booked all my airfare for Boston2013! And guess who’s comin’ with me?? Weez! True story: he’s never seen me race/spectated any of my marathons before. He said he really wants to make up for that and cheer ultra loud on Boylston St :)

Tell me you’ve dressed your dog up for Halloween before?
Have you voted yet?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam F. says:

    Weez has spectated one of my marathons. He loves me more.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love your costumes!! SO cute.

  3. Love the Black/White swan idea…so cute! Great pics!!

  4. love the halloween costume, the makeup looks great!

    voted today! no i’ve never dressed up my dog for halloween, but i HAVE made my cat a cake on her birthday…i feel like that falls into the same category!!! :) :)

  5. Morgan says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the costumes!!!!

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