Holding onto the weather, and a booked flight!


Ya’ll, it’s officially fall here in BoCo (I don’t say ya’ll… where is that coming from today?!). And I’m trying my darndest to hold onto every sweet-changing-colored-leaf-filled second.

Since it’s October, I put out my autumn decorations. Gotta have a little something in every room.

I’m trying to hold onto the feeling on fall as long as possible because the weather is so finicky. It’ll be warm with a cool breeze one day, brisk for a week, then snowing before we know it. I know it’s a matter of days until the first snow (Cabo experience snow for the first time on October 25th last year).

This morning’s weather let me enjoy what-could-be-one-of-my-last shorts and t-shirt apparel while running. 30 easy minutes on some great trails.

While running this morning, I couldn’t help but start to think ‘what’s next’ on the racing dock. With the great news that Boston2013 is A-Go, I’d like to have another race as a benchmark mid-way through that training cycle. Ideally a Jan or Feb half would be perfect. But we’ll see.

Speaking of Boston2013, I booked my flight last night :) And guess who’ll be there cheering loud and proud? Weez! We’re making an east coast vacay out of it. I’m so excited to have him there with me! And then to explore NYC, Philly, and DC afterwards!


I was reading online Runner’s World this morning and saw this poll on the home page:

I blog about my runs (after all, this is a running blog), so I suppose I’d fall in the 8%? I was shocked to see 25% don’t use social media at all. Not even facebook? Maybe I’m just biased because most of my HS/college/grad school friends have facebook (at the least), and a large handful of my friends (you guys!) are bloggers/tweeters.

Do you know more people who don’t use Twitter or who do use Twitter? 
What are you up to race-wise this fall/winter? Any plans in the making?

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  1. Sam says:

    I know more people that don’t do twitter than do do twitter. <—- cheap opportunity to write do do

    Long Beach Marathon this weekend, Operation Jack Marathon in December, Boston in April. LBM, OJM, BM <—- cheap opportunity to write BM

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Efo says:

      hahaha Sam, this is why we’re friends. Well played, sir.

  2. Jessica T says:

    OMGAH if you come to DC we should try to meet up!! :D

  3. Colorado Gal says:

    Actually, both of my best friends barely touch social media which is ironic considering I’m all over the place! They both have FB accounts but they’re lucky to log on once per month…and then there is me :)

  4. super cute fall deco, it goes very nicely with your place! i know a TON of people who use twitter. i also know a ton of people who don’t use twitter. my mom refuses to get a facebook, kind of wish she would though!

    not really making race plans these days. just kind of waking up & just running, if it so happens to be a race — cool!

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