A weekend ride to Ft. Collins


I’ve been taking a spin class for 5 weeks now, and I really love it. I feel healthier. My legs feel stronger. My saddle is well conditioned. So over the weekend, I wanted to go for a long (50+ mile) ride on the road since the weather was so gorgeous. My friend Will accompanied me, and Weez and Cabo were our SAG wagon :)

The entire ride was absolutely gorgeous. Cruising along country roads with wide shoulders. Appreciating the trees and their changing colors. Riding over crunchy fallen leaves.

Weez and Cabo were such great support. Refilling water bottles, hanging on to snacks and clothes. It was really nice seeing them along the ride, made for nice mental checkpoints.
“20 miles till CP#1”
“10 hilly miles till CP#2”
“20 windy miles till the last CP”
“Last 5 miles then I’m done!”

We stuck to roads with nice shoulders and low traffic. It’s so nice that we have that luxury here. I really love where I live.

I’ll tell ya one thing: I gained a whole new found respect for cyclists who talk about riding in strong head winds. Sure, wind is just something cyclists have to deal with when riding, but holy smokes, strong head (or side) wind can absolutely make a ride SO.MUCH.TOUGHER. Even downhills are hard into the wind.

Wind is no joke, man.

Since we were only riding one direction (north/northeast), we had it in our face the entire time. And it was fierce. I hadn’t gone riding outside nearly enough to appreciate that fact until this weekend. There were downhill miles where I was pushing hard to keep pace. Uphill miles into the wind were brutal and slooooow (like, I could almost run as fast as I was peddling).

We finally made it to our lunch break/stop, 55 gloriously painful, quad-thrashing miles later.

My friend is a total BAMF, so after his lunch he turned around to hit the road, for the 55 miles back home to Boulder! Boom! I, on the other hand, was done for the day; my legs were cashed. I wish I could have kept going with my friend, but I’m glad I didn’t because I’m super stiff and sore today.

I look forward to the day that I can ride to AND from Ft. Collins… maybe one day!

How was your weekend long run/ride?
Are the leaves changing colors yet where you live?

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  1. Rand says:

    Hey, aren’t you the gal who rode 93 miles with me one day on the Cross Country Challenge? The wind would have pushed you back to Boulder!! :) D

  2. kaitwatts says:

    Nice ride! Remember, there is always a head wind on the way back-never fails. (Or at the end of your ride). I miss road riding on the Front Range. It gets way to windy here plus the roads to ride on are minimal. Glad you had fun!

  3. Lisa says:

    Leaves are definitely changing here in the Northeast! 18 miles on Saturday; 10.5 miles on Sunday…..can you spell TIRED? But a GOOD tired :)

    Isn’t it great when your hubby can support so well cuz he gets it himself? My hubby and I both run, so totally get the need for support, etc.

    I too love where I live….isn’t it fantastic?

  4. sounds like you had a fun weekend! great pictures! ew, that wind can STAY AWAY!!!

  5. Heidi Nicole says:

    You are crazy.
    Those are some awesome photos.
    And now I miss my spin classes. Although I’m afraid they may make me crazy…

  6. Holly says:

    Hard core, girl. Hard core. Rock on!

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