My new favorite restaurant in Boulder

There’s this new place on The Hill (aka, The University of Colorado-Boulder’s hang out spot near campus/cheap food/bars/etc) called Zanitas. The menu is totally sweet. Seriously, go check it out HERE.

It’s got this gourmet Mexican food vibe (hand crafted personal tacos; plus these amazing desserts called Zookies, omg), but is ordered/served/priced like fast food. A total win-win concept.

Every time a new restaurant opens up on The Hill, I always like to go and give them my business because I’ve seen more places on The Hill shut down than become successful, and I like to support local.

Anyhoo, Weez and I decided to give them a try, and ordered food for delivery a few days ago. There was a problem with the delivery and food, but long story short, we decided to go into the restaurant to chat with the manager (Nick) about it.

The point of me telling you all this, is because after going back to speak to the manager, I was completely impressed. And it’s 100% changed my opinion of the place, so much so, that I want you (if you live in the Denver/Boulder area) to go there and try them out! Like, stat!

First off, the manager genuinely apologized for the delivery problem and appreciated the suggestion/feedback we gave him about it. Then, he comp’d us whatever we wanted on the menu for lunch right on the spot. And on top of that? He gave us two extra gift cards (which I can’t wait to go back and use).

We stuck around for lunch and really enjoyed ourselves. The management was friendly; the restaurant vibe was cool and totally not fast food-y at all (even though we ordered at the counter, and had our food in a matter of minutes). In fact, they’ve got a well stocked bar and pretty delicious-looking margaritas.

Weez and I shared the Chips and Killer Black Bean Dip,

I had the Club Z and Buffalo Blue tacos, and Weez had the Jimmy James Steak and Cauliflower Power tacos…

The food is awesome, the vibe is chill, and I now know the management is great. So you better believe we’ll be going back.

Thanks, Nick and Zanitas!

PS. If you live in the Boulder area, you can order Zanitas (or tons of other local restaurants) for take-out or delivery, super easily on the Hungry Buffs website (totally didn’t know about this site until recently, and I love it. Makes ordering food really easy)

(I realize this blog post probably sounded a lot like a sponsored ad, but it wasn’t. These opinions are strictly my own. I wasn’t asked to review this place or tell my story. I just had a great experience with Zanitas and really hope it thrives on The Hill!)

Have you ever needed to speak to the manager at a restaurant before? How’d it go?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    I got my food spit on, of course!

    Never been to Zanitas. I’m too old to go near The Hill.

    1. Efo says:

      Well next time we meet up for a trail run, we’ll go here afterwards. It’s delicious. PS you got your food spit on?! GAH!

  2. Jessica T says:

    Sounds like a delicious place!!

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