The Reception and Details {9.23.2011}

Once we got ready, said I Do, and had our post-ceremony photoshoot during a cocktail hour for our guests, the reception was set to begin! I loved the way we set up our wedding day. The fact that everything was on-site (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception) made the evening transition nicely.

I’m so thankful our amazing photographers (Lisa and Clay of Red Gallery Photography) captured so many of the details from our wedding. From the table center pieces to the cake to the bouquets, I loved the little elements that made our wedding day so “us”.

Weez and I are outdoorsy, rustic/mountain-loving people, so we wanted to make sure to incoorporate that theme into our centerpieces and wedding cake.

Pussywillows and cattails are meaningful to my parents and I, so I knew I wanted those in our no-flower centerpieces. The bottoms of the glass vases were filled with chocolate brown dirt and pine cones.
For our table assignments, we used summit photos instead of numbers. Lots of our friends and family told us they enjoyed wandering from table to table, looking at all the different mountains and altitude’s we’ve hiked together. Some of the guests even took their table’s photo home with them. I loved that.

I loved our wedding cake. Both the design, and the taste. Although, it did take some convincing to assure my parents and the cake chef that it’s OK (and we wanted!) to put real pine cones on the cake ;)

Our guest book was probably my favorite detail. Because our guests left their fingerprints and signed their names on our ‘family tree’, we’ll always have a piece of them with us. It is so priceless to Weez and I now. It’s hung up on our hallway wall, and if our house was burning down, it would be the first thing I’d grab.

Alright, alright, enough of the details… onto the reception! We were clearly pretty stoked when the DJ introduced us as Mr. and Mrs…
Then came the toasts. My sister (maid of honor), Weez’s brother (best man), and my father gave such wonderful toasts. I wish so badly, I could have recorded them. Or I wish I had their toasts down somewhere in writing. I remember crying and laughing and loving every word they said. I can’t believe how lucky Weez and I are to have the family and friends we do.

During the meal (we had two choices: lemon herb chicken or filet mignon), Weez and I started making our rounds to the tables, hugging our guests and thanking them so much for coming. I loved seeing everyone, sharing laughs and stories from table to table. Everyone looked and sounded so good. It was such an amazing feeling, knowing all the people we cherish the most in life were all in that room with us. It was so cool.

Then came our first dance. We danced to our song, “Desperately” by Michelle Branch.

Then came the father-daughter dance. We danced to the beautiful Nat “King” (father) and Natalie (daughter) Cole version of “Unforgettable“.

Weez and his mother danced to Louis Armstrong’s timeless, “What a Wonderful World“. (they just don’t make music like they used to anymore, do they?) This song still makes me tear up thinking about Weez and his mother’s moments on the dance floor.

After the dances, came the cake-cutting. Weez and I kept it classy and clean.

As for the bouquet toss side of the story? Well, friends, my first attempt shot straight into the ceiling. Don’t act like you’re not surprised. The second attempt though, was much better. My gorgeous baby cousin who came out to visit last month? She was the gal who caught it (red dress below) :)

We opted not to do the garter thing (in fact, I don’t think I was even wearing one… how did that tradition come along, anyhow? I wonder what the significance is?), and the rest of the night was just filled with love, dancing, beer and wine, and more dancing.

We couldn’t have asked, planned, or imagined a more perfect day. Weez always says, “I wouldn’t have changed a thing”, and I wholeheartedly agree. It was bliss. And I’m so thankful for it all.

Cheers to the most awesome first year of our new family together, B. And here’s to the next million billion more to go. Love you to the moon (and back).

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    Your pictures are perfect….and I can see the happiness through them. What a beautiful day! Love all the special details! We celebrated 22 years this past summer and you know what, it just keeps getting better :) Have fun finding that out yourselves!!

  2. Morgan says:

    Swoon… Thanks for sharing all the deets with us (FINALLY!!!) :) Everything was so perfect, I loved every bit of it, I def feel like you def captured your personalities in all the details. (And that’s from someone that only knows how you are on your blog and everything seemed just like how you blog about your life together.) Love, love, love it. Happy Anniversary once again and cheers, to many, many, many more.

  3. Corrie Anne says:

    Wow!! Amazing photos. I love the summit pictures on the table idea.. totally genius. Everything is so gorgeous!

  4. Is your dress Mikaella 1406? I think we had the same one. It looks great on you! Beautiful wedding.

  5. Jessica T says:

    How did I not know we used the same wedding songs?! Me and the hubs danced to Unforgettable and he and his mom danced to What a Wonderful World!

  6. lgsmash says:

    beautiful!!! i love your details!

    i decided not to do bouquet toss (a few bridesmaids had recently broken up with serious boyfriends & i didn’t want to call people out for not being married) or a garter toss (the history of the garter is SO twisted:

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