Here we go, 10K, here we go


We’re racing the Neder Nederland 10K this weekend!

This race is special to me for three reasons:

  1. It’s a spin-off/spoof of the Bolder Boulder 10K (the world famous 10K held in May every year), but held in Nederland Colorado, so it’s a small race. Starting at an altitude of 8,400ft elevation. Nederland is an eclectic little mountain town about 45 minutes from Boulder. And any excuse we can make to get up there, we go, because we love it.
  2. It’s #23 on my list of 27 Before 27.
  3. 31 years ago, my dad and mom were on the committee that organized and started the very first Neder Nederland! My dad walked the course with his measuring wheel and got it certified (my parents lived in Nederland for a few years). How cool is that?!

    (ps. how sweet is my dad’s ‘stache?!?)

My dad is quite the busy man these days, traveling for work all over the place. Often times, I can’t even keep track of where he is or what he’s doing. He called me up last week and said “Hey, I’m coming to Denver for work next week!”…

Not only do I get to see my pops this weekend, but what were the chances that he’d happen to be IN Colorado the very same weekend as the Neder Nederland?! I’m so excited to have my dad watch his daughter race the race he started 31 years ago. So cool. My brother still has some of my dad’s old Neder Nederland race shirts, too. I’m trying to convince him to come down to race with me, but we’ll see (doooo it, bro! Come on! :))

As for race-day goals? Well, this is a high altitude 10K with a good deal of climbing. I’ve only run 1 other 10K in my life (the 2011 Bolder Boulder: 5 weeks after surgery, and I ran a 52:41), so I don’t have a lot to compare too. My primary goal is to race it all out, with everything I’ve got. Leave everything out there.

So here we go, 10K. Let’s do it.

Have you ever run a race your parents’ have done before?
Who’s racing/long running this weekend??

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Laurie says:

    You should do the Sourdough Snowshoe race this year! I think it was 3rd weekend in January. Just outside Nederland.

    1. Efo says:

      gurrrrl that sounds brutal on a level i’m not emotionally prepared to handle. haha. however, my bro raced the ‘screamin snowman’ 10K snowshoe race (in the Ned) and as much as it looked so crazy hard, he said he had a blast. so. maaaybe i’ll consider it.

  2. Jessica T says:

    I think it’s SO COOL your parents actually founded the race!

  3. That is SO amazing that your parents organized that race! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!
    No running for me this weekend. I have four hours of cheer on Saturday and then another 4 hours on Sunday.

    Have an amazing race! :)

    1. Efo says:

      that’s a ton of cheering! get it, gurl! get it, gurl!

  4. Mel says:

    Good luck with your race! And I’m always a little jealous of people who have real roots like that.

    Harvest Moon is this weekend. My stomach has been in knots all week, to be honest.

  5. Emma says:

    Good luck!
    Tomorrow I plan on running the route for my upcoming 10k to see if I can do it!
    Every year my family (Mom, Dad, Sister (when she is home from the Air Force) and three little brothers) run at least two 5ks together. It is always a blast!

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