Love my Cuz (our Rocky Mtn adventure)


The Sunday after my best friend’s wedding in Illinois, Weez and I kidnapped my gorgeous, hilarious, free spirited baby cousin and road tripped back to CO with her (of course we asked my aunt permission first).

First stop on the 19 hour road trip back to Colorado: the St. Louis Gateway Arch! None of us had been there before, and wowza that thing is just plain COOL. Since it was dark out by the time we got to St. Louis, we got creative and took some fun photos with our reflections in the arch.

The next day, we drove 4 hours west to experience some authentic BBQ. Kansas City, you deserve all the hype you get about your BBQ. We ate at Arthur Bryant’s and omgggg. Yes. I need to go back, stat. My mouth is watering just looking at this deliciousness.

After we finally made it back to Boulder, we made sure to cram as much Rocky Mountain adventure into cuz’s 4 days with us….

We road the world’s highest Cog Railway to the top of a 14,115ft mountain (Pike’s Peak)…

We goofed around at the Garden of the Gods…

We hiked in Chautauqua park…

I showed her where I work and we wandered around CU’s campus…

We hung out with my brother for an evening…

And we ate amazing food at all our local faves…

Yes my baby cousin should be a professional model.

And you can also thank my cuz for introducing me to world of Instagram. Obsessed.

So many laughs, singalongs in the car, awkward townie moments, and good times out west with you, Cuz. I love you so much and good luck with classes this fall. Can’t wait to get you out here again. Operation convince-Cuz-to-move-to-Colorado is in full effect. You’re on board with this too, right, Aunt J?? :)

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  1. Aunt Jill says:

    Thanks for sharing your world with Alicyn. She loved every minute of it! And…yes, I believe she would like to explore a life outside of S.E. Michigan. :)

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