One week till a trip down (part of) my memory lane


In one week from today, Weez and I will be boarding a plane for the 26 hour journey to Singapore.

We’ll be spending two weeks in Asia; the first week in Cambodia visiting my gorgeous cousin and the temples in Siem Reap, then a weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And for the second week, we’ll be in Singapore attending an academic conference where we’ll be presenting our graduate school research (oral presentations!).

I spent 6 of my growing-up years living in Singapore (ages 6-8, and again when I was 14-16) and I can’t wait to take Weez on a trip down part of my memory lane.

Our homes, my favorite hawker stalls at East Coast Parkway, the Singapore American School, running in McRitchie Reservoir, shopping on Orchard Road, wandering around Holland Village and China Town and Little India.

Weez was born and raised in the same, small town his whole life :) And his folks still live in the same house where he was born. I’ve seen every part of his history, but he’s only seen a small fraction of mine.

After our Singapore trip, he’ll finally know what all the fuss is about :) I loved living in Singapore more than any other place we’ve lived, and I seriously can’t WAIT to go back.

Oh yeah, and give an oral presentation to a large, scientific audience about my research. That’ll be scary. But so, so cool. A great opportunity, and I look forward to it.

Have you been to Singapore, Malaysia, or Cambodia before? What should we be sure to check out? 
Tell me one of your favorite new books?? I’ll be sitting in airports and on planes for hours and want to get a few new books before the trip!

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  1. Holly says:

    Oh, my goodness…I know we’ve already sort-of bonded over Singapore, but I didn’t know you were also going to Cambodia! We were in Cambodia for just a few days on our Round The World adventure – and it wasn’t nearly enough. You could spend days at the temples! You’re gonna have a great time! See lots of what we didn’t get to see for me, OK? :)

    And be prepared – Singapore now is different from the Singapore a first went to visit in 2005; and according to Kee-Min, that’s very different from the Singapore he left in 2000. You won’t believe what’s happened to Sentosa, either. :)

    McRitchie = <3. The only place I have found that *really* fills the trail-running hole in my heart that opens when we hit Singapore. Be prepared for the now double-decker parking garage, the the queues that form for parking starting around 8 AM on weekend mornings! We also suggest some of the newer hikes – Treetop Walk, Southern Ridges Hike, etc…

    I'm not a big shopper, but grab a seat & over-priced coffee drink at a Coffee Club somewhere near Orchard Row or Holland V, and take in some fabulous people-watching for me. Please hunt down a Gong Cha bubble tea place, and have a 30% sweet cold regular milk tea, with boba, for me. Stuff yourself with Tao Huey, and Char See Euw, and egg tarts, and carrot cake…downed with plenty of fresh lime juice (my post-run beverage of choice!).

    Don't forget the Night Safari, and the Bird Park (if you have time) – those were two of my family's favorites when they came to visit! And, if you can handle the outrageous ticket price, riding the Singapore Flyer at night is pretty cool.

    I could go on and on…but really, just enjoy! So excited for you…

    [PS Keemin's #1 suggestion is that you get chicken rice from the famous stall next to Raffles Hotel…]

    1. Efo says:

      Yes yes yes! Girl, I love all the suggestions, I’m emailing you right NOW :) and tell Kee-Min I can’t believe I forgot about the chicken rice! (ask him if he remembers the chicken rice wars movie… haha…)

  2. iampotassium says:

    I recently read The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. It’s a pretty good read about three sisters all grown up returning home to take care of their mom who has cancer. The sisters’ interactions kind of cracked me up since I have a sister of my own. You will probably feel similarly…

  3. Heidi Nicole says:

    Chris and I both grew up in the same small down from birth to moving out for college, and even then we were close to home. We know everything about each other’s history and family, its actually kind of weird and really nice at the same time.

    I spent two months in South Korea for school and would go back in a heart beat just to show Chris everywhere I went and what we did. I know it won’t be the same without the cluster of summer school friends, but I want to share that part of my life – one of the few parts he wasn’t part of – so I can totally relate to you wanting to show Weez around! Have fun!

  4. kaitwatts says:

    I just read “Still Missing” and “Not Knowing” both by Chevy Stevens and both really good. Have fun in Singapore! It’s on my list of places to go. I grew up in the same small town in the country’s smallest state, but since I left after high school my life has been one big adventure.

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