Race Recap: 2012 Dash ‘n Dine 5K (May)

Going into the race, I had been training hard for the past few weeks since my last 5K, and my coach and I had high expectations. I had high hopes to PR at the least (maybe even win it (for the ladies) if I was lucky).

That didn’t happen. It was rough. But I still ran my very hardest, which is all you can do sometimes.

5K Results = 21:45
2nd 19-29 AG, 4th female overall 

It was great having my coach there to cheer us on, and even one of my good friends came out to run her first ever 5K! She did great (sub 10 min pace, at that! speedy woman!)! And Weez PR’ed! So proud of you guys! And so thankful for such awesome coaches :)

After we got home, I spent a lot of time reflecting my own race. And mainly about why I run and the cause of personal disappointment.

I was disappointed because the race felt harder than any of my previous 5Ks and the time was substantially slower. I was disappointed for putting in hard work and effort since January, and the time didn’t show for it. I let myself sulk about it the night after the race but then I really got to thinking WHY it bothered me so much.

Who cares about times? Who cares about places?

Lots of people do! And that’s a really great thing. I can definitely understand why runners care about those things (heck, I know way more people that care about times than runners who don’t).

I’m just not one of them.

I’ve never been a very competitive runner. I’ve never been competitive with individuals or even myself (except always making myself try my best). I’m at peace with the fact that I love running for every other reason BESIDES the competitive aspect.

It was a fun challenge to push myself with hard workouts these past few months and try out a few hard 5Ks, but my passion lies in the mountains; on rolling trails with my husband and dog; not wearing one of those GPS watches or caring how far/fast we’ve gone.

And I’m really happy about that realization.

See ya on the trails…

Have you had a disappointing workout/race recently? (you’re not alone!)
Why do you run?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I run because it’s hard! Out of any of the million sports/activities I enjoy, it is far and away the hardest one for my physically… but I like that because it presents a challenge! As long as I personally keep getting better, I’m happy with it :) PS YOU STILL DID AWESOME!!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love that you’re not super competitive – you do it for you and for your hubby and for the love of it!!

  3. Mags says:

    That post-race reflection time is so important, and I’m glad you had that. You still had an amazing race! I’m a super slow runner (5K PR is 30:04), but I run because I love it! I feel free, and it’s personal time that I relish whether I’m running alone or with friends. Great race E, and happy Friday!!

  4. Holly says:

    And as much as you probably know this already, somebody’s gotta say it:

    Everyone has a bad day now and then, sometimes you kinda know why, and sometimes….you don’t. A series of slower runs when you’re training hard should be worrisome (overtraining, injury, anemia, etc.) – but one bad race is to be momentarily mourned, then left behind. There’s ALWAYS another 5K (and in CO, I *know* this is true!) – and you DO, to some degree, want to see your hard work pay off.

    So cut yourself a break, send in another registration, and give it a second go. :)

    [We have the following rule in lab: If an experiment fails once and you don’t know why, just repeat it. Don’t make any drastic changes, don’t do anything dramatic – just do it again. If it fails TWICE, then you head into serious trouble-shooting mode. Apply that rule to running as you see fit. :)]

  5. Heidi Nicole says:

    Honestly, I think those are the best races – the races where you learn a ton about yourself. And sometimes its not learning, it just re-realizing. Knowing who you are and what you run for is huge. You had a solid race, you ran hard, you get to look back happy…and smarter! Great job! :)

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