Random Friday Photos


Man, I tell ya what. The past week has been pretty busy and I’m loving every minute of it. You know me, and I’d rather share pictures than ramble on and on, so here are some random photos from my camera phone over the past week…

Family trail run
Hilarious license plate
Waiting in line for Obama tickets
More waiting in a very warm, packed stadium for Obama to speak (it was all worth the wait)
We're dog/house sitting for some friends this week. This is how Cabo/Ginny's relationship works: Cabo is like the annoying little sister than won't leave Ginny alone :) They love each other though! And they get to play all day!
This is how they end up every night after a full day of playing in the backyard. Passed OUT.

I’m pretty stoked for this weekend, we’ve got a lot going on. Going to see a friend’s gig tonight in Denver, Luke and Courtney‘s BBQ party on Saturday (yayy!), long trail run on Sunday. Hopefully somewhere in there I’ll get to this mountain of literature I need to read for my research project.

What are 3 random things you’ve done (or taken pictures of) this week?

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  1. misszippy1 says:

    Great set of pictures! What a great trail you are running on there! And the picture of the two wiped out dogs is great!

    I have had a far too busy week this week, but a couple of things I’ve done: took my daughter ice skating yesterday on a day off from school, ran with a friend who is living overseas right now and was in for a visit, and oh yeah, running with Joan Benoit tomorrow! Yes!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    This week has been a week of survival for some reason! Bad sleep and busy work days…not complaining (ok, I am about the bad sleep) but the week’s been a bit of a blur. Probably the best part of the week was a phenomenal run around the lake at lunch yesterday, where my post-Boston legs felt like ROCK STARS!

    Love that Cabo! Bella is like Ginny; she tolerates her puppy friends who are younger & more puppy-ish than her wise 4 years :)

    Sooo envious of those trails! We have lots around our house, but nothing to compare to that.

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