I took this screen shot of the weather on Sunday… as in, 2 days ago.

The day I ran in shorts and a tshirt. And had salt rings on my forehead. And got tan lines from the sun.

But I didn’t believe the forecast. There’s no way it can be 81*F one day, and snowing 36 hours later.

But Colorado proved me wrong once again, and it looks like this outside:
Oh Colorado, you confuse me.

Does it snow in April where you live?
What’s the weirdest weather you’ve gone through? 

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  1. Sam says:

    Yeah, it snows in April where I live.

    Baffling weather? Shoot, on Sunday I was wearing shorts and today it’s snowing. Go figure!

  2. Lisa says:

    I was just lamenting over the 80 degree temps we had a couple weeks ago as we now have REAL spring weather in Massachusetts. I wish Mother Nature would settle on a season :)

  3. Heidi Nicole says:

    I spent Sunday whining and moaning about how hot it was in my car…apparently someone was listening! Although I’m yet to leave the house {mid week day off, ftw!}. I’m trying to convince myself a run outside would make me all hardcore and stuff…we’ll see!

  4. mallory says:

    We have had some pretty crazy weather here too. It was super warm and now it’s been really cold the last several days. I miss the warm weather. Today was pretty good though. 55*

  5. Jessica says:

    EW! Snow, sun, snow, sun? Make up your mind!

  6. budly23 says:

    Welcome to CO!! Love your blog. I was visiting SF for the first time & was researching running the Golden Gate and came across your blog then. It ended up being my favorite run of all time. Thanks for posting about it!!

    I live east of Denver, so yes, we get snow in April as well. As far as the weirdest weather, I’d have to go with either snow in late May after it being 70+ at noon. Or baseball size hail when I was in college.

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