Hungry for more… books!


This morning was one of those mornings where I just didn’t want to get out of bed for my run. It was so warm and snuggly under those sheets and my phone said it was 20 outside. I forced myself through the notions of putting my contacts in, brushing my teeth, loading on the layers, tying my shoes. Then, reluctently walked out the door.

I told myself to get through at least 5 minutes, then I could decide if I wanted to cop out and stop. Funny thing is, getting out the door and the first 5 minutes are always the hardest. And if you can get through those, chances are, you’ll stick with the rest of your workout. Which is exactly what I did. 15 sets of hill sprints later, I was happily trotting home after a solid workout. I’m glad I forced myself through the notions today. Ya never regret it.


Back in 2010, one of my “25 before 25’s” was to read 5 books. 5 measly books in 12 whole months. I can chalk it up to being too busy with grad school, but the truth of the matter was, I just couldn’t get the ball rolling so to speak.

I don’t know what clicked or changed since then, but I’ve read 5 books in the past two months and love it. Judge me if you want, but Breaking Dawn was really what got me back. I needed something light, easy to read, simple to follow, juicy enough to not want to put down to get my mind back in the swing of reading again (shameful, I know).

Since then, I finished all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy (LOVED) and most recently, Baby Proof by Emily Giffin. Baby Proof got me outside of my young adult, light reading passion (which of course, I’ll always still love), and I’m ready to take on something thicker.

I’m 3/4 the way through rereading On The Road by Jack Kerouac (the book also contains my favorite quote, on the top of my blog). I love this book because of the freedom and carefree (hell, reckless) lifestyle of the characters. And thinking about how different America was back in the 40s. Whenever I feel like my life is too cookie-cutter or lame, I love escaping into Sal and Dean’s crazy free-spirited, Beat Generation lifestyle.

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is next on deck. It’s my dad’s favorite book and I’ve always wanted to tackle it for that reason.

This is cheesy, but I’m starting to learn (fiiiiiinally at the age of 25) how nice it is to get lost in a book. I can definitely see now why so many people say reading is one of their fave hobbies. ‘Cause lately? When I’m not reading my book, I’m thinking about it, and how much I’d rather be reading than working :)

What book are you reading right now?
What’s your all time favorite book? 

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  1. I’m like the ultimate book nerd–always reading something!! Right now, I’m reading In Defense of Food, but my new Kindle comes today so I’m guessing I’ll have a couple new books in the works :)

    Do you like outdoor adventure stuff? Krakauer’s books are always awesome. I’ve read them all and I’m never disappointed :)

    Ok, and On the Road is one of my all-time fave books! Do you ever eat at My Brother’s Bar in Denver? Kerouac used to hang out there!

    1. Efo says:

      I’ll have to look into Krakauer’s books! Is one in particular your fave, that I should start with? :) Ooohh, I’ve never been to My Brother’s Bar but now I totally want to go… let’s meet up and go together!

  2. Morgan says:

    You are going to love “Pillars of the Earth,” or at least I sure did! I honestly can’t decide which I enjoyed more, Pillars or “World without End.” Both so amazing and well written. Enjoy!!!

  3. Maggie says:

    Those are all fantastic and fun books! I’ve read them all except “Pillars of the Earth” which is on my list. Right now I’m reading my MBA text books…does that count?? Haha. I’m actually re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series (I read them 6 or 7 years ago in like a week, they’re so good) and they are books I get lost in.
    Glad you had a great run! 20 is coooooooooold! Kudos to you E!

  4. iampotassium says:

    I am always reading at least 5 books at once. I have my bus book for reading on the bus, a library book or two that take priority reading over my other books because they are actually due, a book on my Kindle and a few books by the bed in case I don’t feel like reading any of the other books. Reading is fantastic. I think my favorite book of all times might have to be The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux but I am pretty sure I have too many favorites to count…

    1. Efo says:

      I love collecting books but the idea of a kindle is so nice. especially for the bus rides and travel and such. is it worth it??

      1. iampotassium says:

        I don’t bring my Kindle on the bus to school every day… but it is AMAZING for flights and that kind of travel. It even holds PDFs in case you gotta read a paper on the go!

  5. Lucas says:

    You’ll definitely love Pillars of the Earth! I actually read it for my Medieval Art + Architecture class in college and reread it a few years ago. I think I liked it more than World Without End but Morgan is right, you’ll love both!

  6. drinkdewine says:

    On the Road is probably my favorite book to reread. Problem is, it just makes me want to road trip! You’ll def love Krakauer. I’d start with Into the Wild but ALL of them are great.

    1. Efo says:

      Taylor gave me On The Road my freshman year and I’ve reread it twice since then. I’m so glad he opened my eyes to this pearl. Thanks for the Into The Wild suggestion, I’ll order that one first! *Oh wait, I’ve seen Into The Wild (movie) and Into Thin Air (movie). Both sooooo good.

  7. Liz says:

    I just finished My Secret Daughter if you want to borrow it – as long as you don’t mind chew marks from Leela. It’s really good. I actually have a bunch of good fiction books around the house if you want to check them out next time you’re in Denver.

  8. Mallory says:

    I also love to read. I am not really in the middle of any right now but I did recently finish another Jodi Picoult book but I can’t remember the name of it. My favorite book of all time is a toss up between The Diary of Anne Frank and Homecoming by Cynthia Voight.

  9. cisforcourtney says:

    Nice work on sucking it up & getting it done!

    Currently reading The Night Circus… still. but loving it! :D

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