I suppose the high of a great 2011 is what’s making these hard times in 2012 so rough. Weez’s grandmother passed away last week, just a few days after my uncle passed. We’ve cried a lot, it’s been an emotional time, but I’m so thankful Weez and I have each other out here in Colorado. Weez can read the look on my face and know when I need a hug or a laugh. He wiped the tears from my face last night and suggested we get out of the apartment for a dinner date night at one of our fav places, Olive Garden.

Every time we go to Olive Garden, we stay for hours, chatting, eating breadsticks galore, laughing, and always reminiscing that the OG was our first date. It’s the place we sat well past closing time, while they vacuumed around us. A really great memory. Last night we daydreamed about our future; travel and children and work. We have so much life ahead of us; everyday is a blessing; our recent losses remind us not to take our days for granted. The date night was just what I needed.

We’re traveling this weekend to be with family for the services, and I’m thankful for my friend who’ll be watching Cabo for us. Cabo is officially 6 months now. Okay, twist my arm, I’ll post a few more photos of her :)

I apologize for the super poor camera phone quality here, but this photo cracks me up… puppy laser eyes!
My girlfriends came over for our weekly Girls Night on Monday, and Cabo, of course, was lovin’ the attention and jumping all over them. You know you’ve got good friends when they tolerate the hyper puppy phase, and maybe even love it :)

Cabo recently discovered her tail, and loves chasing it. I caught it on video over the weekend, and I think it’s pretty cute, so I wanted to share this video with you guys.

Besides a loving husband, good friends, and a cuddly puppy, working out/running has been a great release as of late. I’ve been hitting the gym or trails every morning for the past week. I’m sore from lifting Monday and today, and my legs feel like runner legs again. I’ve got 400’s on the track lined up for tomorrow. Running and breathing hard gets me out of my head and brings peace to my soul. We all need that sometimes. I’m glad running can do that for me.

How do you best cope/release stress? 
Where was your first date with your husband/bf/signif?
What’s your workout plan for tomorrow?

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  1. misszippy1 says:

    Sorry to hear about your family members..I know how tough that is. And life does have a way of ebbing and flowing. My 2011 just plain old sucked, but 2010 was fabulous and so far 2012 has been great too.

    And yes, running is the best stress reliever out there!

  2. Jessica T says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Weez’s gramma :(
    Have a safe trip!

  3. cisforcourtney says:

    Sorry to hear about your family members :( that has to be super tough. I’m glad you and weeze had a great night! Moments like that help the tough ones pass and eventually fade.

    Love the pictures of Cabo as always and the video is ENTIRELY too cute. I might have watched it twice… okay okay… three times! :)

    How do you best cope/release stress? I cry, a ton. Then I take a hot shower, put clean sheets on the bed and get a good nights rest. Wake up and start a brand new day.
    Where was your first date with your husband/bf/signif? We went out for a semi fancy dinner at Benji’s… in Houston!
    What’s your workout plan for tomorrow? Yoga in the am, running in the PM!

    hey guess what… LOVE YOU LADY , all my love && hundreds of hugs!

  4. Maggie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss and Weez’s loss. I know what you’re going through, and it’s not easy. Your date night with Weez though was the perfect medicine…I’m glad you had a great time…you both need/deserve that :)

    How do I cope with stress? I cry, I run, I kickbox, I talk if I need to. Baths are always super relaxing with some calm music and candles.
    My first date with my husband was Starbucks! We got coffee/hot chocolate and played the board game Apples to Apples all night!
    Tomorrow I’m resting :) But Saturday I’m cycling, doing pilates and hiking!

    Have a safe trip! xo

  5. nicole says:

    so sorry to hear about your family members. so so sad :( if you need a friend im here!

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