Ya know what just made my day?


A fellow grad student (someone I don’t know well at all… a kind lady I exchange smiles with everyday), walking down the hall, just stopped me to ask me running questions. She started by saying, “I know you run a lot, and I’m running a half marathon soon… can I ask you some questions?” I can’t tell you how happy that made me :)

I blog because I know my family likes to keep tabs on me (sorry for being so boring guys), but I also really love it when fellow bloggers (or even random strangers I’ve never met) can take home something of meaning after reading one of my posts.

I don’t blog about deep meaningful stuff all that often (though in real life, I’m quite the cheese ball/sap/let’s-talk-about-how-you-feel type), but it’s super cool to me when folks say that I’ve inspired them somehow. Or come to me for running advice (not that I know all that much).

We all have people who inspire us in different aspects of our lives. So today, to pay it forward, I want to acknowledge one runner who inspires ME everyday…

Melon. one of my best friends from high school and a hell of a runner. she could run sub 20 5Ks in her sleep. she’s a tough love “suck it up” kinda runner and those are my favorite. she told me this quote once “running may be your life. but your life is not running”. i love the balance she has in life/love/running/work. It’s really a shame that you don’t have a blog, Melon. You should get on that.

In other running related news, I ran for 30 glorious minutes this morning. First run back since CIM. Felt pretty solid, except for the massive wipeout I had. Picture me, soaring through the air, skidding to a stop on the pavement, superman style, while Weez stood there laughing at me. Okay, he didn’t laugh at me, but I would have if I were him. The bad news? Is that Weez’s potential stress fracture issue is rearing its ugly head again and he probs won’t be running anytime soon :( Stupid injuries!

Lastly, I couldn’t publish a post without a picture in it, so here’s one of Cabo ’cause she’s so frickin’ cute. Yes, this is currently my desktop background.

Who inspires YOU?
How was your most recent run? 
When was the last time you wiped out while running?

4 Comments Add yours


    I’m inspired by anyone who CHASES their goals. Run’s till it hurts and pushes through.
    My most recent run was this morning. My legs felt like doo-doo. I had done ten on the TM less than 12 hours before. Recovery?
    Wiped out—uhm, face plant. beaver brook. 7 stitches. enough said. I’ve fallen since then… but nothing else comes to mind!

  2. Jessica says:

    Ugh, sorry Weez still isn’t up to running. :(

  3. Melon says:

    I <3 you. Thank you for being in my life :)

  4. melon says:

    1. I’m inspired by other runners our age who are trying to make it in the running world and getting to the Oly Trials in 2012/2016.
    2. I ran this morning and the first mile was “Ruff”, as Cabo might say. It got better at the end of the five miles.
    3. I wipe out every winter. The last bad wipeout was one winter when I was visiting campus post graduation and slipped on a curb and cushioned my fall with my elbow. My shirt sleeve was soaked in blood after. Hooray!

    I’ll probably fall again really soon.

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