CIM Bibs and Tracking and Goals, oh my!


It’s officially that time. Time to put my race day goals into writing and tell you folks how to stalk track me during the race (if you’re bored enough). I can’t believe the California International Marathon is on Sunday. It feels like I just ran the Denver marathon. But no, that was practically 2 months ago.

Bib and Tracking Info:

You can track me and Sam during the marathon on Sunday by clicking on THIS LINK and searching for us by bib#. The marathon begins at 7AM west coast time, and tracking will begin as soon as we cross the starting line (which shouldn’t be long after 7AM west coast time).
– My bib # is 7611
– Sam’s bib # is 2335 

Marathon Goals:

1.) Run 26.2 miles in less than 3:34:59 (meeting the Boston qualifying minimum)

2.) Run 26.2 miles in less than 3:33:33 (because I think that time sounds cool)

3.) Run 26.2 miles in less than 3:30:00 (because if I can run 8:10s at altitude, why can’t I run 8s at sea level? I’m gonna sure as hell try)

Back in April 2011, my world was rocked when 4 days before running the 2011 Boston marathon, doctors told me I couldn’t make the trip. The day I shared the news with you guys, I wrote:

“Though the initial shock of missing out on Boston weekend devastated me- something I’ve poured my heart and soul into, physically and emotionally since I BQ’d in May 2010 – I’ll be okay. There will be more Bostons. I will BQ again. I will eventually see all you lovely ladies that I was so badly looking forward to meeting up with.” 

I was so fortunate to recover so quickly and hop right back on the marathon train. But back then I was too insecure to admit this, but I didn’t believe that I truly had a shot at BQing with the new standards. I just said I could, because I thought it was the stronger thing to say.

But here I am, 7 months later, confidently writing that I’ve training my butt off for this second chance. That I’m going into this marathon with a goal, and I believe in my heart that I have a fighting chance. It’s a personal story that I’d be proud proud of. The year I trained for Boston, missed Boston, then re-qualified despite harder standards and major surgery. Who knows, maybe I’ll miss BQing by a few minutes. Regardless, I’m going to be proud of myself for trying. Fighting. Working hard for it.

I think I’ve got a strong family to thank for this attitude. They’ve always raised me to believe you can do anything you put your mind to and work hard for. Well mom and dad, I’ve put my mind to it.

It’s probably gonna hurt. They always do. But I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. And it’s gonna be fun! I’m excited to get to that starting line!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica T says:

    You’re gonna kill it! I’m so excited for you. :D

  2. If it doesn’t hurt, let me know how that happens. Because I’ve never run a marathon that doesn’t hurt.

  3. misszippy1 says:

    The hurt is SO worth it! You can do this…best of luck!!

  4. Candice says:

    Good luck! You’ll do great :) Can’t wait to read your recap!

  5. cisforcourtney says:

    So, I’ve heard that even applying the same amount of effort you automatically end up shaving off 10 seconds per mile when you drop down to sea level. I am CONFIDENT that you will run between 3:24-3:30! That’s just me though. so… see it ^, believe it && achieve it!

    drop it like it’s hot!!!!!! :) ;)

  6. melon says:


  7. the dawn says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaa! you can. you will. dominate.

    during a race, my favorite thing to say is “today is THE day”. its the day i get to lay it all out. find out what i’m made of. oh man, i’m so jealous that you’re racing this weekend!!!!!

  8. nicole says:

    CIM holds my race PR. It doesn’t seem like it is, but it is rolling and a net downhill. Don’t check important things in the check bag because they lost mine and didn’t even care. also, have fun and soak it in! its a great course!

  9. Tara says:

    Good luck this weekend Erin!

  10. Stacy Abernathy says:

    Yeahhh Erin. You rocked it. Called Rick and Sherrie and we were cheering for you all the way from CO. Did you hear us?

    Great race. Wish you were coming with me to Boston in 2012.-Stacy

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