A Hungarian Family Feast


On Saturday night, my sister’s in-laws (I love that they live in CO near us) hosted the most wonderful Hungarian dinner party/feast (Rick, our host, is Hungarian and they wanted to celebrate his unique heritage). They invited Weez and myself, my brother and his gf, and two other couples over for a night filled with amazing, authentic Hungarian food, history stories, games, and laughter.

Before dinner, we played a game where each of us had a famous person of Hungarian decent taped to our backs, and by asking questions, we had to figure out who we “were”. Did you know Calvin Klein, Harry Houdini, Paul Simon, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Joseph Pulitzer are Hungarian?

The dinner – a 3 course meal with both meat and vegan options – was divine. I wish I had written down the menu for the evening, because I couldn’t recite one of the dishes if I had to. Naturally, I stuffed myself silly. Hungarian wine was plentiful.
I wish I had taken a picture of the goulash first course. Heavenly. And my second course. It was a delightful, Hungarian-style stuffed red pepper. I could have had 5.

No dinner party, hosted by either my parents or my sister’s in laws’ parents, is complete without a game of Catch Phrase. Hilarity always ensues.

What I loved most about the night, was the conversation. We all sat around the table after Catch Phrase and discussed philosophy, literature, athletics, education, and meaningful livelihood. We even took turns answering the question “How are you going to change the world?”.

I love that.

I love that our group of family and friends sat at a table, talking about deep meaningful topics late into the night. I love my brother in law, and his parents are fantastic people. I just wish my sister and brother in law could have been there with us!

It was a pleasure to be there, many thanks to Rick and Sherrie for having us! We had a blast!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds like an awesome time!

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