Migraines and running


This morning, Weez and I went for a gorgeous, brisk, fall run. We had a great breakfast and hydrated well beforehand, but something odd happened while I was running.

With only a few miles to go from home, I started to see auras (the first warning sign of a full blown migraine). I immediately knew what was going to happen, so I booked it home as quick as I could, but there was nothing I could do but grit through the rest of the morning.

Unfortunately when I get migraines, it’s pretty gnarly. Nausea (sometimes vomiting), auras, sensitivity to light and sound, intense head pain. I’ve seen several doctors about this and have a few prescriptions to lighten the blow, but it’s still rough. And by rough, I mean, incapacitated for 2-4 hours/fetal position/hangin’ near the toilet.

Fortunately I only get migraines a handful of times per year, but what’s most odd, is that the past 3 that I’ve gotten have ALL started while running. 3 in the past 2 months, all while running.

Does anyone know anything about this? Have you gotten migraines while running before? I’m going to speak with a doctor about this ASAP, but if any of my readers have insight, I’m all ears.

I’m worried that one day, I’ll be running a marathon and one will hit. I’m worried that one day, I’ll be running trails hours from home and one will hit. That’s a scary thought.

But I’m all good now! And psyched to have some friends over to watch football. I love hosting. It’s my fav. Have a great Sunday night!

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  1. melon says:

    This is terrifying. I need to call you ASAP now that I have my life back. Muah, love you.

  2. nicole says:

    So sorry you have had issues with this. Maybe its the change in weather?? I notice I get more headaches when the pressures change. I get migraines sometimes and I lay down with a sleep mask, glass of soda, excedrin and a herbal magnent and sleep. When I wake up its gone!

  3. Maggie says:

    Oh no, Im’ sorry to hear that! I completely feel your pain. I too get the same kind of migraines, luckily though only a few times a year. As for running being a trigger, I have not experienced this. I’d say dehydration, but it sounds you aren’t lacking in that area. Def chat with your doc about these running induced migraines. Those are scary thoughts if you get stranded with one! Take care of yourself!

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