How does cold/snow weather affect your running?

I’ll admit, the rapid change to cold weather and snow (it was 72 on Monday, dropped to 40 on Tuesday, snowed a foot on Wednesday, and it’s 25 degrees today) is really throwing me off my running A-game.

Years prior, when it came time for winter running, I was unfazed. Snow? Who cares.. it’s just a tempo workout in disguise. Bitter cold winds? Eh, I’ll just wear 3 extra layers. But this week? This abrupt change in weather hasn’t given me time to mentally prepare. And when my alarm went off this morning, no tricks could get me out of bed. I just didn’t wanna.

Of course, 4 snooze hits later, when I finally come to consciousness, I immediately regret not getting my lazy butt up to go running. I really love running. Especially in the mornings. So what do I decide to do? Pack up my running clothes, because today, I’ll run during lunch. Good plan, but not something I’d prefer doing every day.

My favorite tree in our neighborhood went from luscious golden leaves, to covered in snow in the course of a week and a half. Goodbye fall, hello winter! (for now)
Notice a theme? Blue skies. Everyday. So, if you’re looking for another reason to move to Colorado… I’m just saying… (*cough, mom, dad, cough*)

How does snow/cold weather affect your running schedule? Do you run later in the day? Hit up the treadmill instead? No change at all?

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  1. Snow doesn’t impact my running … yet.

  2. Maggie says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I don’t have the snow battle to fight, but I do struggle waking up when it’s dark and “cold” (Cali cold that is) during the winter. It’s a challenge, but in the end, love of running conquers, at least most days :)

  3. Jessica T says:

    Wow, beautiful skies!! I’d use that as motivation to run! Except I haven’t ran since my first trimester. ;)

  4. cisforcourtney says:

    Have to LOVE those gorgeous blue CO skies! UFF— I hear you!!! My motivation with the cold weather has gone down the drain! Even for the treadmill. Generally when it’s colder, I try to run later in the day. I ran yesterday… outside… my lungs were BURNNNNING!

  5. Will Hartwig says:

    This morning was pretty nice actually. I confess I was too lazy to brave the 8 inches of fresh snow and blowing snow yesterday. I should get some gaiters to keep the snow out of my shoes.

  6. mallory says:

    It depends on my mood honestly. Some days I love getting out there and running in the snow, other days I opt for the treadmill. It’s just hard to get out there sometimes when it’s so cold! However, it’s typically the dark that deters me more than anything!

  7. rand says:

    Brrrr! Looks clear, cold. May need studs in my bicycle tires to ride there. Cough, cough:)

  8. nicole says:

    gahhhh im going to try and SUCK it up this year!! we need to be cold weather run buddies!

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