RnR Denver Marathon Goals

Last night, a group of my friends (also running the race!) and I went to the RnR expo. We picked up our race packets, got tons of free samples (especially my fav: Cascadian Farms cereal), and had fun milling around the expo. I love expos, they really make “it” feel real. Like, it’s actually happening. And soon. It’s a cool vibe.
When we got home, Weez and I cooked up our big pasta/carbo loading dinner. And it was delish.

Then I spent 47 minutes trying to figure out what the heck I’m gonna wear. It’s predicted to be chilly (low 39, high 55) and possibly rainy/sleety, so this is my race day outfit (if I get hot, I’ll ditch the earmuffs and long sleeve):
(despite my excellent jumping technique, I won’t be going into cheerleading anytime soon. sorry to disappoint.)

Bib Numbers. For those at home (aka, my mom and dad probably) who want to track our status online… My bib number is 3015. Weez’s bib number is 3012. 

Race Goals. I like to have different tiers of goals: one that is obtainable (A), a second that is a fun but difficult challenge (B), and a third that is a real stretch, something that would rock if I could actually hit it (C).

A. ) Enjoy myself the entire time. Smile. Enjoy running alongside my husband. Live it up! Marathons are awesome! Enjoy the pain!

B.) Set a PR for Weez (sub 3:57). His first marathon, he ran a 3:57, so I think it’d be a huge success if we could cross that finish line in sub 3:57.

C.) Set a PR for myself (sub 3:40:31). I’d be ecstatic, so I’m gonna shoot for the stars and run with heart. To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift. 

What I can tell you with certainty is this: I’m giving this marathon everything I’ve got. I’m not here to dilly dally or stop and take pictures every mile (like my first marathon). I’m going into this with a strong mental mindset. I love running, and I love the pain that comes with distance running. I love the mental challenge. I can do this. I was born for this stuff.

So bring it on, baby. I’m ready for you :)

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