Last 20 miler Before Denver 26.2!

This morning, we ran our last 20 miler before the Denver marathon in 3 weeks :)

Everything felt as good as it could, as long as it could, but the last few miles of a 20 miler are never easy. Something is bound to ache: knees, calves, feet, toes, some sort of chaffage, you name it. I’ve experienced it. But today, it was just the toesies. A reminder how important it is to trim the nails extra short before a long run. But the’re doin’ just fine now!

We planned a flat, non-trail long run so we would get a general idea for how fast/slow the marathon might go. I’ve heard that some people run long runs at paces 1 min/mile slower than their marathon… Have you ever done that? Did it work? 

I run trails 98% of the time, esspecially for the long runs, so in a way, I’m kind of forced to run 1-2 mins/mile slower than if I were running on pavement. But when I do long runs on pavement, I run as hard/easy as I need to, depending on how I feel that day. Seems to be working out just fine.

Today’s pavement run averaged an 8:45 pace… does that mean I can maintain 7:45 pace come October 9th? Bahahaha, definitely not. But today felt good and all I can ask for on Marathon Day is to enjoy myself and leave it all on the course. I’m positive I can do that :)

And with that, begins our TAPER! Woohoo!!! 

Just the perfect timing, too… our wedding is in 6 days :) No heavy training to worry about anymore :) Life is good!

Who else ran their final long run this weekend, how long did you go? Tapering? Do you get the taper madness? 


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  1. meghan says:

    I did my last longest run before my first half in two weeks today. It was 12 miles, and it felt great! I did mine about a minute per mile slower than I would like to go on race day, but I’ll have to update if it worked.

    I do 8 next weekend, but that doesn’t seem as long anymore…funny how perspective can change…Any tips on tapering for a half?

  2. Nicole says:

    I cant believe your life lately. your trip was amazing, a damn near perfect training cycle, a marathon on the horizon and your wedding day. live it up girl, life doesn’t get much better!!! <3

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