7 weeks till Denver 26.2! (and a whole bunch of fun between now and then)


5 miles in the books this morning. Weez was out of town for a lot of last week/the beginning of this week, so it was nice to have my running buddy back. We chatted the entire time, which is such a great way to maintain a nice running pace. Not too fast, not too slow. Just right :)

I used yesterday as my rest day, but got 4.5 miles in on Monday morning. Weekday training is plugging right along, and we’re making sure to stay on track with our long runs.

This weekend, we’ve got 20 miles on tap. And it’s the first long run in a long time, that I’m going into feeling confident. My 19 miler at home last weekend felt SO good. I know the sea-level/extra-oxygen thing really helped, but my legs felt great the whole time too. So I guess I’m feeling relaxed heading into this first (of hopefully 2 or 3) 20 miler before the Denver marathon in 7 weeks.

7 weeks?! Jebus, where does the time go?! Life is moving much to fast. Hey, life, slow down for me, mkay?

Between now and the marathon, we’ll be running across Colorado while being a part of the Colorado Relay (200 miles, 10 teammates, 2 days = totally sweet), traveling to Spain (Barcelona, baby!) to present research at an academic conference, getting married (can.not.wait.), and whisking off on our honeymoon. Somewhere in there, we’ll still be running our long runs and trying to maintain a weekly base of mileage. If we miss a few runs here and there, oh well! The most important thing is getting the long runs in, as far as I’m concerned.

So if I’m a little MIA over the next two months, now ya know why :)

I’m feeling more motivated and excited for the Denver marathon as each week passes. The fall is such a gorgeous time out here in Colorado, and an October marathon should be perfect.

What’s on your plate for the next two months? Have you ever been to Spain… Where are the must-see places we should stop by? Anyone else running the Colorado Relay?

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  1. nicole says:

    SEE. MY. BLOG.

    SO. BUSY.


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