Our New Pad :)


All thanks to Weez, I had a heck of a morning run today. I love running with the guy, but phew, he was charging the pace today and my poor little legs could barely keep up. It was good for me, though, I needed a quick 6 mile tempo run today. I also ran 4 easy miles on Monday morning, and plan on getting a solid base of miles in tomorrow and Friday mornings as well, before the weekend festivities.

How’s your running going? Training for anything in particular?

After a whirlwind weekend backpacking through the mountains just days after unloading all of our boxes, luggage, and furniture into our new apartment, Weez and I have FINALLY unpacked all our boxes! And we have a living room situation worth sharing with friends and family! :)

The empty “before”:
The furnished still-in-need-of-a-rug-and-artwork-and-curtains “after”:
We love it! Especially the awesome new ladder bookshelves (thanks dad and mom!). We can’t wait to host a house warming party, hopefully next week or so. I’m so relieved to have all the boxes unpacked and discarded.

With all the traveling we’ve been doing (and will continue to be doing), our meals are turning into 4-ingredient casseroles (healthy but simply) and cereals. I miss using pots and pans, the stove, and messy-ing the entire kitchen counter. I’m honestly so excited to take on a more domestic role for my man :) (even though he loves cooking too) (and is damn good at it)

We can’t wait to start the decorating-the-walls-and-floors process, but that’ll take some time. All in due time! Hooray for finally settling down into our new pad! I hope you enjoy the new pictures!

Do you like decorating?
Are you a move-in-and-unpack-quick kinda person, or do you take your time unpacking and decorating? 
Where do you find home decor inspiration?  

5 Comments Add yours

  1. One of my projects for this year is to finish going through the boxes in the garage. We just moved into our house on March 1, 2002.

    Home decor inspiration? That’s what my wife is for. She could change the drapes** and I wouldn’t notice for six months.

    ** I don’t know if we actually have drapes. Example is hypothetical.

  2. cisforcourtney says:

    Do you like decorating? –LOVE IT!
    Are you a move-in-and-unpack-quick kinda person, or do you take your time unpacking and decorating? we seemed to have taken our time. since I was moving into HIS place there was TONS to sort through. We are just about done sorting and on to the decorating!
    Where do you find home decor inspiration? I love the country antique with a mix of vintage. Luke leans more towards contemporary—we’re having to find a good balance…reason 23820320 its also taking us so long.

    You guys have a super cute place!

  3. misszippy1 says:

    Making a place your own is so much fun! it looks great. And how nice that you both like to cook–you can take turns!

  4. nicole says:

    very CUTE!!!! :) I cant wait to have our own house!

  5. mallory says:

    Love the new place!! It looks great!!! I try to unpack pretty quickly. I can’t stand clutter!

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