List ten: People I’ve Lived With


1986-2001: dad, mom, sister, brother
2001-2003: dad, mom, brother
2003: dad, mom
2004 (spring): my HS bff, Melon and her family
2004 (fall) – 2006 (spring): my awesomely hilarious first college roomie, AC!
2006 (fall): College house with a bunch of great friends (natalya, kelly, tara, natalie, niki, nick, joel, pat, ross) (this was our house)
2007 (spring) – 2008 (spring): Another amazing college house with many of the same great friends (kelly, sage, kerry, laura, pat, joel, nick, ted) (these aren’t all of them, I just somehow have no group photo of us! sad!)
2008 – 2009 (summer): Off to grad school! Living with my sweetheart of a roomie, Leslie (aka, Lexie :))
2009 (fall) – 2011 (summer): the wonderful LJ (and Daisy!) (this is probs one of my fav pictures of all times)
Summer 2011 – forever! my amazing soon-to-be husband, Weez!

ten down, two to go

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  1. Mebby says:

    Oh god where did you dig up that pic? Also, love the sand pic. Perfection.

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